Klain Claimed The Government Would Beat COVID

Joe Biden admitted defeat Monday in his war against the COVID-19 pandemic. He declared that there was no federal solution to COVID. This is solved at the state level.

His comment was a remarkable departure from his previous rhetoric about the pandemic. He campaigned for a year on the notion that Donald Trump was responsible for the current pandemic in America and that things would get better if he was in charge. Biden said he would “shut down the virus.” But he is now in charge and things haven’t improved. The death from COVID-19 has now exceeded the death toll from COVID-19 under Donald Trump’s watch.

Biden’s pivot towards the pandemic being resolved at the state level was not a mere pivot, but a complete flip-flop. Joe Biden had repeatedly promised that he had a federal plan to defeat the virus. But Ron Klain, his top advisor during his campaign, is now his chief of staff. Klain accused Donald Trump of not using the federal government to beat this deadly disease and deferring pandemic response.

Klain tweeted last year, “I’ve been saying that we can’t beat COVID since March with an ‘Articles of Confederation response,” Klain said. “We have a national government for a reason. If Donald Trump doesn’t want to use it for this deadly disease, I know someone who will. It starts on 1/20/21

Klain, who some believe is the puppetmaster of the Biden presidency, believes that a consistent national response to COVID was key to ending the pandemic. Biden now says that the state is the best place to solve COVID.

Biden’s administration must admit that they failed and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis should be in charge.