Biden’s Ratings Might Be Lower Than We Thought

His approval ratings are lower than that of his vice president, who is historically less popular. Is his standing with the electorate worse?

Rasmussen’s poll is generally reliable because it includes likely voters and publishes on average every three days. These numbers can be used for trends.

Biden quickly fell in favor.

I was asked by many readers to explain why 40% of Americans agree with President Trump’s job, after having seen the destruction of 2021 from so many angles.

People lie to pollsters out of loyalty to their party.

Rasmussen presented the headline “Most voters give Biden poor’ ratings on crime, migration” Tuesday.

Voters give Biden a lower rating for immigration. Only 27% say that he is able to handle immigration-related issues well.

Despite the Democratic views, immigration and crime remain major problems. Both parties consider Biden “poor”.

Biden’s approval rating in both crime and immigration is low among Democrats. In July, 62% of Democrats rated Biden excellent/good on law enforcement. But, only 50% of Democrats thought the president was excellent/good in immigration. This is a substantial drop from 52% a few months ago.

These numbers do not include his horrible handling of the south, foreign policy, and COVID-19. Biden once saw positive numbers, but liberal media now claim he is failing in this area.