Rep. Clyburn Repeats His Usual Election-Cycle Claim

Each election cycle, House Majority whip James Clyburn (D.S.C.), becomes more aware of the possibility that Democrats’ failures to hold power could spell doom for democracy. Clyburn announced on schedule that democracy would be over if Democrats fail to win a decisive victory on Tuesday.

Clyburn, who is the third-highest ranking Democrat in the House stated previously that a Republican win would be equivalent to the “end” of the world.

Clyburn said that he wasn’t suggesting a world-ending apocalypse, but that democracy would be ending. Clyburn said that the world would continue to exist.

Clyburn stated, “The world was there before Hitler, and the world was here afterwards Hitler,” believing that there are parallels between today’s political climate and the German democracy prior to the rise of the Hitlerian socialists.

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Clyburn, who was on the South Carolina ballot on November 8th, added that “the country is on track for repeating what happened in Germany when it was the greatest democracy in existence, when it elected an administrator that then co-opted media.”

Clyburn prefers to use German analogs in degrading his political opponents.

Clyburn in July 2020 accused Trump of imposing “Gestapo Activities” through federal police in Portland, Oregon when it was cracking down against leftist terrorists. Clyburn claimed that Trump’s desire to restore law and order was the “beginning of the end of this democracy.”

Clyburn made the comparison between Trump and Hitler in 2019, claiming that Trump was “the greatest threat to democracy in my lifetime.”

Although Democrats have suggested for years that their political troubles could only signify that democracy is in peril, this hyperbolic assertion has been made numerous times in recent weeks.

Sky News host Rita Panahi pointed out that, while Democrats are vilifying Republicans and conservatives for their “conspiracy theories,” they actually promote an extremely destructive notion: that voters only have one option, lest they want to destroy American democracy.

Panahi stated, “It is clear that Democrats from the president down don’t want to campaign on consequential issues.” They want to pretend democracy is on the ballot in this election.

Hilary Rosen, a long-time Democratic consultant, said to CNN that she didn’t listen to voters during this election. It’s going to be a terrible night. … Listen to voters when they tell you that the economy is their main concern. Talk about democracy not being at stake.

In Milwaukee, on Oct. 30, former President Barack Obama stated that democracy was at stake in this election and threatened that if Republicans won on Nov. 8, there’d be no telling what would happen.

Obama made the same claim in Cleveland (“Democracy is on the ballot right at this moment”), and in Laveen (Arizona).

It’s important to vote on issues and not on the platforms of candidates, but only on the basis your party affiliation.

Katie Dobbs (the Arizona Democrat gubernatorial Candidate) refused to debate Kari lake.

Hobbs identifies democracy as the system that allows Democrats to attain and keep power.

Joy Reid and Hillary Clinton, former presidential candidate, appeared on MSNBC’s “The ReidOut”, Nov. 1. Clinton didn’t use her time to deny election results but to instead suggest that giving power to Republicans “is an actual threat to the heart and soul of democracy.”

Clinton believes that one-party control is the best way to solve the nation’s problems, and protect democracy.

President Joe Biden also urged voters to “preserve Democracy [by voting Democrat]” or risk it.

Biden previously called Republicans a threat to the nation. We must vote knowing the stakes and not just the current policy — but the institutions that have kept us together as we seek a better union are also at risk.

The borderline octogenarian, who is borderline, told a St. Lawrence University audience that Sunday was “your generation’s time to defend [democracy].” To protect it. To select it.”

Max Boot, a Washington Post columnist and Council on Foreign Relations fellow, wrote Oct. 24 that midterm elections were “really a referendum on your support for the continuation of democracy here in America.”

Boot mocked anyone who doubted the legitimacy of 2020’s election, while suggesting there was only one morally valid outcome to the 2022 elections.

Nancy Pelosi, House Speaker, stated in an interview with Andrea Mitchell of NBC News that “our democracy is at risk when you define democracy to be integrity of the ballot.” This line was used by Pelosi before.

Pelosi stated that the impeachment of former President Donald Trump was necessary for democracy. We have no other choice than to act when the president has left us.

The Hill reported that Seth Klarman, a former GOP mega-donor, told voters ahead of the 2018 midterm elections that they must vote Democrat. He stressed that democracy was at stake.

Klarman believes that a failure to “turn both the House and Senate to check Donald Trump’s runaway presidency” could lead to the end to democracy. The Senate was held by the Republicans, but American democracy survived.

Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), in August 2020, stated that failure to elect former President Donald Trump could spell doom for the entire world: “The future is at stake. The future of our economy’s is at risk. The future of the planet is at risk.

Obama also suggested that America could not withstand four more years of Trump. He said, “Embrace yourself as citizens – make sure the basic principles of democracy endure.” Because this is what’s at stake right now. Our democracy.”

Senator Amy Klobuchar (D.Minn.), stated in 2019 that Trump’s jokes at Democrats made it “very obvious that literally, our democracy, our democracy, is at stake.”

Pelosi stated that Kennedy’s successor could “radically alter the course American justice for decades” when Trump proposed to nominate a replacement. … “The future of democracy is at risk.”

Democrats say democracy is at risk because of more than elections and judicial appointments. Democratic risks are also a concern for Democrats, including a failure to regulate social media speech.