Despite Rumors of a Big Announcement, Trump Keeps the Focus on GOP Midterm Candidates at Ohio Rally

Rumors circulated Monday claiming that Donald Trump would announce his 2024 presidential campaign during his Ohio rally. It seemed that he would during parts of his rally. Trump ended his rally by pointing out America’s poor economic condition, civil liberties, and military readiness. He encouraged Americans to vote Tuesday.

The Daily Caller congressional reporter Henry Rodgers tweeted Monday morning, stating that it was possible for Trump Jr. to announce his 2024 campaign Monday night. Rumors began erupting when it became apparent that Eric & Lara Trump would also be attending the event.

Trump’s rally tone was one that emphasized teamwork and collegiality. Trump emphasized Ohio and JD Vance a lot, along with other battleground states which are vital for his hopes of winning control over Congress.

Trump ended by saying:

Tomorrow’s crucial and important election is not in danger. It’s a national-saving election, I believe. On Tuesday, November 15, 2015, I will make an announcement at Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach, Florida.

Trump listened to the long list of GOP Senate or House of Representatives candidates from these battleground states as somber music played. He encouraged everyone to vote.

Many pollsters predict the GOP will have an excellent Tuesday, provided it does not become a “red tide”. However, that all depends on which party gets their voters to the polls. Vote.