Is the Legacy Media Getting Tired of Carrying Water for Democrats?

Things are looking very strange ahead of Election Day. The legacy media outlets have begun to notice that Democrats are hurting by their far-left biases.

It was believed that abortion and climate change would lead to turnout through a media echo chamber. But, voters now trust Republicans to fix the educational system. Democrats, on the other hand, trust them to spend the money. This is an alarming finding.

It’s possible that CNN, MSNBC, and other media outlets are just trying to avoid tomorrow’s electoral disaster. All of us should pray for the integrity of the key races tomorrow night. ”

Meet the Press panel members agreed that Vice President Kamala Hari and President Joe Biden do not inspire a room and can turn off voters. Third Way, a Democrat company, ranks second in voters’ concerns.

Ruhle claimed that Hochul was running to defeat her for the office of governor. Hochul was elected by Democrats after Andrew Cuomo was reelected. Hochul attempted to portray Zeldin in an interview with Hochul as an extremist who was backed by Trump by his actions on January 6. Hochul also called him the architect of the “Big Lie”, while Hochul criticized his stance on the Second Amendment. This implied that New York’s gun owners are responsible in large part for New York’s crime.

Hochul and Ruhle also discussed how Zeldin’s victory might end some of Attorney General Tish Jam’s politically motivated investigations of Donald Trump.

She stated that Lee Zeldin had made it clear that he would tackle crime through bail adjustments, and getting rid of Manhattan D.A. Alvin Bragg. These were not things she wanted to do. Ruhle pointedly asked Ruhle, “What three things would you do to improve public security?” “This is where crime is a problem. ”

It is hard to believe Hochul wasn’t told about this question. Hochul said she was already working towards her goal, starting in January 2021.

Ruhle was done. Hochul was confronted with harsh reality.

Ruhle stated, “People don’t feel safe here.” “These things may have been done but we aren’t feeling well at the moment.”

Hochul said that New York would never be San Francisco. Ruhle asked Hochul about it. Hochul kept repeating the same things she had done before, but it didn’t seem like that made any difference. Ruhle asked Hochul why.

This segment on crime could be the most controversial MSNBC interview in recent history. Ruhle may feel more secure if she votes tomorrow for Lee Zeldin. Hochul’s purported mother bear instincts and compassion don’t seem like they are working.

Watch the entire segment here: