Dem Strategist Admits Her Party Did Not Listen to Voters and Will Lose Midterms

Long-time Democratic strategist Hilary Rosen predicted that her party would have a poor night Tuesday on CNN’s State of the Union. This was because voters didn’t listen.

“I am a loyal Democrat but I don’t feel happy.” She said that she was just concerned about the fact that voters did not pay attention to her in this election. “I think we will have a terrible night,” she added.

She criticized the Democratic Party for not listening to voters’ concerns about their economy and asked them to “stop talking of democracy being at risk.”

She said, “Listen to voters when they tell you that the economy is their main concern.” Stop talking about democracy being at risk. Because people are so passionate about what elections mean, democracy is at risk. Voters have given us the information we want. This cycle, I don’t believe Democrats have delivered.

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Rosen also admitted that she is concerned that Sen. Mark Kelly (D. Arizona) might lose to Blake Masters due to Kari Lake’s popularity as a gubernatorial candidate.

“We have the unfortunate combination of a strong gubernatorial candidate. I was in Arizona just a few days ago and spoke to many voters. She said that Mark Kelly is very popular but Kari lake is much more popular. The combination will harm Mark Kelly. The top ticket is what’s causing us trouble.