Shocking Video Shows Female Lee Zeldin Supporter Being Choked During Kathy Hochul Rally

This video captures the moment a male supporter for Lee Zeldin choked an opponent at a rally to elect Governor. Kathy Hochul.

Hochul organized an event in the area of Stonewall Inn (a landmark LGBTQ landmark) on Saturday night, as the election nears.

A young protester held a sign that read: “Vote Red”, and “Vote They Out,” with a picture of Hochul on it.

Viral NY captured the choke attack on Twitter and interviewed the victim. Angelica Torres was identified as Angelica Torres.

“I was protesting peacefully against Gov. Hochul while holding my sign”. “A large, heavyset woman approached me.: She said that she thought it might have been male.

An unidentified woman claimed that as I tried to retrieve my sign, another man approached and choked me. She claimed that two other people tried to stop me from getting my sign.

A man holds a woman’s neck and chokes her.

She stated, “Never wanted to have a physical relationship with anyone. I was there peacefully holding on to my sign, but they didn’t want me telling them what I had to say.”

Torres told Fox News she was shocked by her inability of her to voice her opinion without resorting to violence.

According To The Daily Mail, Crystal Hudson (a Democrat), was also involved. Hudson is a Prospect Heights resident.

It is still not known who the other participants were in the physical altercation.

RealClear Politics shows Hochul leading Zeldin, with more than six points