You Won’t Believe Whats on Hunter Biden’s Laptop, Since the New York Times Suddenly Discovered It

The New York Times accidentally discovered Hunter Biden’s laptop, shocking right.

Joe Biden lies to say he has no knowledge of Hunter Biden’s business dealings. The contents on the laptop show that Joe Biden received money for Hunter Biden’s father’s position.

Miranda Devine of The Post revealed in her reporting and her book Laptop From Hell said that Hunter Biden used business deals to pay his father’s debts.

The Post reported Hunter Biden claiming that the laptop belonged solely to him. Daily Mail reported that a hooker was found on the laptop. The son and president told the prostitute that the laptop had been stolen and contained sex videos. He claimed that he had video footage of himself performing the act.

Hunter said, “My computer was always plugged in, and I took tons of photos with it. The computer was taken by another person.

Hunter asked if he was worried that Russian alleged thieves might try ‘blackmailing’ him. He responded, “Yeah”.

He said that his father [inaudible] was running for president. She listened in silence. “If they do, he also knows that I earn about a gazillion bucks.”

Devine claims that the FBI has had the laptop since 2019.  15 former intelligence officials claimed the laptop story was Russian disinformation prior to the 2020 election. Biden claimed the story was just a fig leaf while knowing all about his son who is a crack addict.

A poll found that 17% of swing-state voters wouldn’t vote for Biden if they knew the contents. Big Tech decided to censor the story to benefit Democrats and limit its reach. Of course, mainstream media accepted this fraud.

Add to the laptop content evidence from the Bidens’ former business partner-turned-whistleblower Tony Bobulinski, and there’s a through-line between Hunter’s business dealings and Joe Biden’s wealth. In emails, the then-Vice President was called “the big man”.

The Times reported the discovery of the laptop, but they. had previously tried to refute and deny the discovery.

The story was covered by six reporters. According to sources familiar with the investigation, prosecutors investigated emails between Mr. Biden (Ukraine)” and Mr. Archer (“Burisma [Ukraine]”)”, among other foreign business activities.

Hunter Biden has been under investigation for many years. The cache was used as a way to verify the authenticity of files. The Times also just discovered that Hunter Biden’s Arkansas stripper-turned-baby-mama was actually on his payroll. The Post first reported on this story almost a year ago.

Hunter Biden recently paid his tax bill to receive less harsh sentencing. According to the NYT, Biden was listened to by a grand jury. These jurors seldom learn whether a defendant pays their taxes or not.

The NYT’s report about the Biden investigation was a ploy to favor the Bidens. Hunter was given the laptop by Hunter’s father. The contents of the laptop include some of the most dangerous, compromising material that you can imagine coming from a son-in-law of a president.