Fraud Charges in Federal Indictment for Black Lives Matter Leader

Federal authorities arrested a Black Lives Matter leader and her husband for their involvement in illicit activities related to her non-profit. They will be arraigned in the near future.

Monica Cannon Grant, a leftist activist, became prominent after George Floyd’s death. She organized rallies that attracted thousands. Violence in Boston Inc. was her non-profit. It assists at-risk youth to reduce violence in their community.

The Boston Globe reported

In June 2019, Monica Cannon Grant received a $6,000 check from the Suffolk District Attorney’s Office. Violence in Boston Inc. was granted this grant to transport a group of at-risk young men to Philadelphia.

Cannon Grant’s grant proposal stated that the retreat was meant to expose these young men to communities other than the violence-ridden neighborhoods they live in every day. 

Federal prosecutors claim Clark Grant and Cannon Grant did not take their children on the trip. The money was allegedly used to rent cars in Maryland, buy groceries, and get services at a hair salon.

Law enforcement took the husband and wife of the activist into custody on Tuesday. They were accused of using large sums of $1 million to rent a house and to purchase a vehicle for their relative.

From The Globe Cannon Grant (41), and Clark (38), were indicted on 18 charges. Three separate schemes are being accused: the fraud of donors, illegally collecting around $100,000 in pandemic unemployment benefits, and lying on a mortgage loan request.

Cannon Grant is being charged with fraud for the first time. Cannon Grant’s husband, who was also detained by federal agents in Taunton in October, is facing additional charges.

The Prosecutors claim that Cannon Grant reported Cannon Grant’s name to the IRS and the state attorney’s charity section. They also claimed that Cannon Grant didn’t receive a salary from Cannon Grant’s non-profit but $2,788 per week.

Cannon Grant repeatedly claimed she is innocent. Cannon Grant stated that her accusations stem from white supremacists and jealous black people for the praise she received in her community.

Robert Goldstein was her lawyer in Boston’s federal courthouses. He stated that the government’s hurry to declare judgment had left them “extremely disappointed”.

Continued the attorney: Monica and “VIB” have been fully cooperating and continue to produce records. However, an incomplete factual record does not reflect fairness or transparency. Monica has been tirelessly working for her community and this is especially true. 

It seems that the couple will struggle to win this case. The Globe reported:

Prosecutors claimed that Cannon Grant and his wife were entitled to unemployment benefits during a pandemic. However, Cannon Grant was also receiving thousands in “diversity” consulting fees from private companies. Cannon Grant received $75,000 from a Boston media company, which isn’t mentioned in the indictment. It has been identified as Phantom Gourmet television. However, Tuesday’s comment from the company was not possible.

According to the indictment, Cannon-Grant was charged with receiving $33,426 of pandemic money. Grant received $67,950 in benefits, despite working full-time as a driver for an auto transport company.

Prosecutors claimed Cannon Grant sent him a text message on March 26, 2021. Cannon Grant asked me to submit documents before June, or I’ll get it all back.

Cannon Grant’s husband. This isn’t looking great, to be blunt. Black Lives Matter will witness yet another scandal.

While the attention has been focused on the global Black Lives Matter movement worldwide, the story hasn’t been as thorough on local chapters. This could be a step towards the cliff that will affect the entire movement.