Will Pelosi Ever Reopen the Capitol?

Remember Rahm Emanuel? former White House chief of staff to radical lefty activist/theorist Saul Alinsky’s most famous disciple?

Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) almost certainly knew this maxim long before Emanuel. Her response to the Coronavirus Pandemic has been an excellent example of how it can be applied since March 2020.

The U.S. Capitol was alive and well prior to March 2020. Citizens from all over the country could visit the Capitol to talk with their representatives, view the historic artwork, and then take a seat in the Senate or House galleries and watch their legislators go about business.

Since 1976, I’ve spent many hours at Capitol. Because I am a journalist, I spent many hours at the Capitol. If you pay attention, you can still hear Webster, Hayne, and Webster discussing the Compromise 1850.

The Pandemic ensued. Pelosi closed down the U.S. Capitol along with all associated offices buildings on both the Senate and House sides of campus.

She also used the Pandemic to justify restrictions such as virtual committee meetings, proxy voting, masks everywhere and banning public entry.

According to reports, the U.S. Capitol Police plans to “reopen” the Capitol in stages. These are key graphs taken from one such report.

“The first stage would allow schools to tour both the Senate and House offices with congressional staff accompanying them. The second stage, tentatively scheduled for May 30, involves a limited reopening of the Capitol Visitor Center.”

An aide said that the Capitol Police Board must approve the reopening plan to be in effect.

“Tours at Phase 1 would be limited to four groups of 50 people who would follow a predetermined route, before being screened by the Capitol.”

The keyword in this sentence is “permit”. This precedent will be used for requiring prior permission to enter U.S. Capitol.

Please note that the first phase does not include Capitol. Walking around Dirksen and Longworth buildings is just as exciting as watching the grass grow.

Let’s look at the highlighted words. Take, for example, the reference to “secondary screening before arriving”. This is to establish the precedent that all applicants for access to the Capitol must undergo background checks.

Remember, before the Pandemic, you had to go through a metal detector to gain access to the Capitol.

Is it possible that anyone appearing on the Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms database (ATF) will be banned from the Capitol? It won’t end there. Non-vaccinated/boosted individuals? Voter fraud is a real problem for those who claim it. Pro-life advocates?

The USCP runs the whole “reopening” charade. I’ve been writing for years to express my gratitude to the rank-and-file officers on the Hill. Although there are some bad apples, I consider the majority of the professional and helpful.

The top people know that Pelosi has complete control over them. Pelosi appoints two members to the Capitol Police Board. This board oversees Capitol security and other related issues like access.

If Republicans win the House of Representatives majority, then it is likely that Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R.Calif.) will be elected. Pelosi will be succeeded by a new House majority in November 2023.

House Republicans now call for the reopening of the Capitol to the public as quickly as possible.