Fake News Regarding Rep. Glenn Youngkin in Virginia, but Doing What’s Right Matters the Most

Glenn Youngkin continues to reign terror in Virginia, at least according to the leftwing. This includes his decision to eliminate mandatory masking and to ban the teaching of objectively dangerous theories such as Critical Race Theory to grade-school students.

In response, Democrats have insisted that Youngkin is highly unpopular, a claim that is not only wrong but completely irrelevant. Virginia is a one-and-done state, which means Youngkin has no reason to care about polls given he can’t run for re-election.

Still, the latest gambit on that front involved a letter that supposedly showed all 133 of the state’s school superintendents in opposition to the governor.

A letter was sent to all 133 state superintendents opposing Governor Scott, but that was fake news because of all of the. 133 superintendents not getting a say in the letter. The letter was only voted on by a 12-panel board. It is amazing to see the absurdity in media these days.

Consider how ridiculous the Post’s assertions were. Did Youngkin’s critique of Critical Race Theory get rebuffed by all the superintendents of the state? These headlines were simply fabricated by the media to pretend that the governor was failing. As we all know by now, major media outlets are going to push their own narrative, which only includes what democrats want to hear or their views.

This is an important lesson for Republicans in purple states. The media will try to make it seem that bending the knee was a necessary political act. Youngkin chose to stay firm and keep his promises, rather than trying to please those who would hate him.

The same tactics will be used to try to defeat Ron DeSantis in November. The Conservative government is the only way to win, to stop the teaching of sexuality and gender ideology to kindergarteners. If that means Republicans end up losing, so be it. Of course, we hope that is not the case or the world is going to hell in a handbasket with democrats behind the wheel.

Doing the right thing should always be more important than political considerations.