Ben Sasse Destroys Chris Murphy in Ukraine Aid Dispute on Twitter

Twitter can be a complete mess on any given day. And when inconsiderate politicians like Sen. Chris Murphy (D-Conn.), and Rep. Eric Swalwell, (D-Calif.), decide to use the Twitter machine to share their hot takes, it only gets worse.

This was the case Thursday, when Murphy, along with other Republican Senators took aim at Ben Sasse, Nebraska’s senator, for voting against an oversized spending bill that only a small portion of which included aid for Ukraine. Sasse previously stated that he supports U.S. aid to Ukraine in different forms. However, Murphy’s spin on the omnibus spending bill was that it rendered Sasse’s criticisms that President Biden wasn’t doing enough for Ukraine’s needs hollow.

This has been an absurdly common refrain of The Usual Suspects. Sasse and other Senate Republicans voted against spending items that did not have anything to do with Ukraine. Therefore, they are “against assistance for Ukraine” or some such thing.

This did not go down well with Sasse who engaged in heated back and forth on the Senate floor with Murphy later in the day. He eventually admitted that Murphy’s tweet was incorrect and left him confused as to why. Here is a summary of the most important part of their discussion:

Sasse: “I am asking a very simple question. Is it possible to think of a single person who your Twitter self-pleasure was for? Do you think there was a single person who voted against it simply because they were against Ukrainian assistance?”

Murphy: “Absolutely not.”

Sasse: “Then, what’s the point in the tweet?”

Murphy was unable to respond. Sasse responded: “Fan service!”


Murphy attempted to explain the situation by saying that Republicans were unwilling to compromise. But Sasse didn’t let Murphy off the hook for his tweet dishonesty. He suggested that “the republic got dumber” because of that tweet (and other similar ones that are often sent from Murphy).

“But the real point we’re referring to is grandstanding,” Sasse said, returning to Murphy’s tweet. That kind of tweet is not persuading any human being on Earth. You didn’t make anyone feel. You are doing fan service to a small group of people who love Chris Murphy. It’s understandable why some people want things you advocate for. I get it.”

“But there’s no one who disagreed with your tweet who has been moved by it. There’s not one uninformed American who became educated, but there is a subset of those like you that you can grandstand for. That was it. That tweet made the republic dumber. Nobody has learned anything.”


Bravo. There are many things to say about Democrat Twitter virtue signaling. Pretending that someone votes against something they have previously stated they were for a hypocrite. Sasse is correct. This mindset is a huge distraction for America. It’s hard to believe, but after that, I feel like I need a cigar. Although I don’t usually get that from Sasse speaking, he was spot on in the back and forth.