Jen Psaki Showcases Joe Biden’s Moronic Foreign Policy

Joe Biden’s presidency has not been going as planned. This is not a controversial statement to make at this time. According to his latest approval numbers, he has not received any perceivable State of the Union bounce and he has not gained support based upon his supposed “leadership” in the world involving Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. The domestic problems plaguing the United States are also a factor. Inflation is on the rise and far-left cultural antics are alienating more Americans.

The White House is now a parody of itself in the face of all these problems. It refuses to change course and stubbornly displays its moral superiority despite the fact that it has so many problems. Jen Psaki, who is currently supporting Russia, illustrated the idiocy approach on Friday when she urged the Chinese government to examine its place in history.

This is because Biden threatened China recently, warning that there could be severe repercussions if China began to support Russia’s invasion in Ukraine. Xi Jinping has already made deals to purchase Russian oil and wheat products to help Vladimir Putin evade sanctions. There are also reports that direct aid is being offered but it does not appear to include military equipment.

The reporter points out that Biden did not ask China for specific information nor do he outline the consequences if they disagree with him. This was just another sad bit of saber-rattling that we witnessed a lot during the previous administration Biden served in.

Psaki retorted another Obama-era trope, the idea that dictatorial states with self-interests care about what “history” will tell them. Psaki, who was attempting to pressure India, used the same line to criticize China just days before.

What did India do? India reacted by pointing its nose at America and refusing to listen to a series of condemnations of Russia at the UN. This huge Asian country is also trying to be more financially connected to the Putin regime. Saudi Arabia and the UAE were once US allies and have since been left out of business with Russia. Biden can now pursue another stupid JCPOA nuclear agreement with Iran.

China is a nation that views dynasties of ten thousand years as its foundation. Its leadership doesn’t care what is written about them in Western history books. This will fade away within a few decades. It is not because the White House is naive, but because they are trotting out such a line.

It was obvious before these events, but it is now obvious that virtue signaling cannot be used as a substitute for smart foreign policies. Biden’s administration, which is so dependent on its own supply of foreign policy, refuses that view and chooses to repeat mindless mantras instead of taking effective action. Biden is not taken seriously when he makes threats as he did to China. This has put the country he claims to lead in a precarious, dangerous position. No amount of historical lecturing will fix it. It is impossible to finger-wage your way to success.