WOW, The Left Finally Realize That Men Can’t Get Pregnant

Monday night saw swift reactions to the leaked draft opinion in Dobbs-v. Jackson. Liberals haven’t been so outraged since Elon Musk bought Twitter. Pro-abortion activists formed a demonstration outside the court and politicians issued statements that included fresh takes on the familiar tropes and slogans we have heard for decades.

“A woman’s freedom to choose is not up in the air.” Rep. Adam Schiff (D.Calif.) stated that a woman’s right not to be dictated by others in her health care decisions. “We can’t go back. We cannot go back. We will not go back.”

“This is at the cost of tens to millions of women who could soon lose their bodily autonomy as well as the constitutional rights that they’ve relied upon for over a century,” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D.Calif.) stated.

“If you think they will stop with a woman’s right of choice, you haven’t been paying enough attention. It is essential that we fight as if our lives depend upon it,” tweeted Rep. Eric Swalwell (D.Calif.).

Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.), called for the packing of the Supreme Court. She claimed that Roe’s overturning would “put lives at risk across the country.”

Raphael Warnock, a Democratic-Ga., stated that “I will always fight for a woman’s right to choose.” “And that will not change.”

Women. Women. Women.

Isn’t it funny that the radical left has been telling us that trans women are women and that men can get pregnant too? They suddenly have such narrow views about abortion that they see it only as a women’s issue. It’s strange that the “pregnant man” emoji was available on my iPhone less than a month before. Before the draft opinion was leaked, you could not ask a leftist what a “woman” was. These non-biologists now know exactly what a woman looks like.

My entire life, abortion was framed as a matter of “women’s rights”. On many occasions, Leftists didn’t recognize my right to even have an opinion about abortion because I’m not female. Jennifer Aniston said it last year: “No uterus. No opinion.”

It is amazing how progressives, who for so long insist that trans women are women and that men can get pregnant, can forget that radical leftist gender theories are absurd. While it may seem fashionable for some to believe it, they are well aware that it isn’t true.

They’ll likely go back to saying that “men can get pregnant” or refer to biological women as “birthing people” when the outrage subsides, but it won’t change that many transgenders spoke out loudly about the Supreme Court leak.