Why is Georgia’s District Attorney Calling for A Grand Jury to Investigate Trump?

Fulton County in Georgia is where Atlanta is found. It is a reliably Democratic county and has dominated most of the county’s politics over recent years. It is also home to an ambitious district lawyer who is clearly keen to make headlines by convening a grand jury to investigate Donald Trump’s calls to reverse Georgia’s 2020 election results.

Fani Willis beat Paul Howard, the long-serving Fulton County District attorney, in 2020’s election. She had barely been in office for a month when she declared that she would investigate Donald Trump’s “attempts” to influence the 2020 Georgia general elections administration.

A phone conversation Trump made with Brad Raffensperger, Georgia Secretary of State, in which he encouraged Raffensperger “find votes” so that Trump would win.

CNN reported that Willis stated that the investigation included, but was not limited to, possible violations of Georgia’s election law prohibiting fraud and the making of false statements before state and local governments, conspiracy, racketeering and violation of oaths of office and any involvement with violence or threats related to election administration.

Axios reports, “Willis wrote a letter asking Chief Judge Christopher Brasher at Fulton County Superior Court for the jury. He wanted it because a significant number of witnesses and potential witnesses had refused to cooperate in the investigation without a subpoena”.

Although she did not mention Trump at the time, she stated that she believed no Georgia official was guilty of anything wrong. This means she was targeting Donald Trump.

Willis declared her intention to create a special grand jury to investigate the former president in January. She stated that while the grand jury could subpoena witnesses, it would not be able to indict the president. However, the grand jury may make recommendations regarding criminal prosecutions as it sees fit.

According to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Willis stated that the grand jury would not begin calling for witnesses until after Georgia’s May 24 primary. However, jury selection began Monday and will continue for up to one year.

According to Axios Atlanta’s morning briefing, Willis also stated that her team interviewed more than 50 people. She plans to subpoena at least 30 others who have declined to speak.

Willis, what do you think she will accomplish with this grand jury? Is she sure she will be able to bring Donald Trump charges?

Trump was being Trump in his phone call with Raffensperger. Raffensperger wasn’t encouraged to cheat, he just asked Raffensperger, in his indelibly Trumpy manner to ensure that the secretary of state was doing everything he could to ensure a fair election. We might have been in trouble if Raffensperger “found” votes by magic.

Donald Trump was only guilty of speaking inartfully. This is one of his most common accusations. He didn’t violate any laws, because nothing actually occurred — except for the vote harvesting by Democrats that almost certainly did.

Fani Willis continues to waste taxpayer money. The grand jury can meet for up to one year, which would clog up court resources. Fulton County Courthouse will have to call in additional security, including road closures, as Willis assembles her headline-grabbing jury.

Even if the grand jury returned with something against Trump’s, Willis doesn’t have enough ammunition to stop a red wave from happening in 2022, Georgia, or 2024, even Trump running. Willis’ grand jury theater is virtue-signaling at its best.