Kamala Harris Goes Full Blown Mad in Regards to Abortion Ruling Leak

The Supreme Court leaked a draft majority opinion, which will be the final one, and the left is in complete meltdown mode. RedState extensively covered the matter, including some outrageous responses such as Elizabeth Warren’s public breakdown.

Kamala Harris put on the most inept, inept performance that she has ever seen. The first post she made on social media was to call for insurrection. Now, she’s doing her best Greta Thunberg impression.

This is the worst politician on the planet, in all her ear-splitting glory.

The vice president claims that shouting “how dare they” in her most angry voice can be persuasive. She even makes public hand gestures. She then stops and uses her trademark halting tone. She is trying to sound authoritative and in control but her voice crackles like nails on a chalkboard.

Harris brought up the question of people daring to do certain things.

Harris’s ability as a politician is something I am continually struck by.

I’m disgusted by the Democrats’ performance on the abortion question, especially when you consider how factually sound Alito was. The emotional instability that this creates is beyond comprehension.