Woman Arrested for Vicious Assault on Jewish Man, Threatening Knife in Tense Confrontation Over Hostage Posters

It is hard to believe there are people who hate enough to tear down posters of children kidnapped and held hostage by Hamas terrorists. I previously reported that a woman tore down a poster in Montclair, New Jersey for a prayer gathering. She then had no explanation. It was a fascinating exchange, but she didn’t seem to understand why she did it.

Unfortunately, this type of behavior has been seen by many people, including many leftists, and it’s led to violence in some cases, such as what happened on Tuesday in Brooklyn.

Melissa Ugur (20) was cutting up posters with a knife at the end of the day when a Jewish male who was working with Shmira Public Safety came over and asked what she was doing. Shmira, a volunteer safety group in the area that is non-profit, patrols with a knife.

She was not happy about being confronted. She then allegedly pulled out the pepper spray, sprayed it in the volunteer’s face, and said “I am going to cut you.”

Ugur left, but she was followed by other volunteers and arrested by police. She yelled “They’re kidnapping, and I pepper-sprayed him!” as she was taken away. It was probably not the best thing for her to say in front of the police, but she had many issues if that was what she did. She was wearing a full black outfit, including a mask. One has to wonder whether she was trying to hide herself. As well.

Shmira provided even more details about the attack. She claimed that she said, “Allah Akbar! I will chop you all up!”

Ugur is now charged with assault and menacing as well as criminal possession of an armed weapon.

What are the chances that they would hold her given the danger she seemed to represent? None. It’s New York City, after all.

She has already been charged and released on bail pending the next court date scheduled for January. I won’t bet on her getting a harsh punishment.

The hateful anti-Israel actions are out of control. The video of an elderly Jewish man being killed during a Los Angeles protest is disturbing.

There was also the woman from Indianapolis, who drove her car into a school she believed to be Jewish because she was angry about the war with Hamas. Inside were children and adults. Ironically, the school turned out to be an extremist Black Hebrew Israelite one. Fortunately, nobody was injured.

In the short term, it is likely that the craziness will only get worse.