After Jewish Man Is Murdered, Elizabeth Warren Gets Slammed for ‘Islamophobia’

Sen. Elizabeth Warren has the timing and tempo of a broken watch. She decided to speak out on “hate”, but in a manner that will be widely condemned.

Background: A Jewish man died on Monday, after being hit over the head by a pro-Hamas protester with a megaphone. In a video posted on social media, Paul Kessler was shown lying on the floor, bleeding, immediately after the attack. The incident took place in Ventura County, CA. It has been determined to be a homicide.

Was Warren speaking out to condemn antisemitism, and to calm down those who support Hamas with a fervent zeal? She posted a message condemning “Islamophobia.”

This level of tone deafness is impossible to imagine.

Congratulations to Warren on becoming the living embodiment of this famous Norm McDonald joke.

Warren’s timing could not be more insulting or degrading. Warren’s intersectionality religion demands that she make Muslims the center when it comes down to supposed bigotry, despite the fact there is precious little evidence that “Islamophobia”, as it is called, even exists. According to government statistics anti-Muslim hatred crimes are just barely higher than anti-Catholic crimes. Antisemitism is six times more common.

We are still going through another round of “Islamophobia”, despite the fact that there is no empirical evidence to back up the notion that there is a “surge of violence and hatred” against Muslims in America. It’s a made-up talking point meant to appease the far left. Democrats cannot be seen as merely speaking out against the antisemitism that has actually increased, by their deranged supporters, without also making claims of “Islamophobia.”

Warren’s absurd statement has elicited strong reactions.

Intersectionalism is poison. It obscures and ignores evil to promote the notion that “oppression” is the only explanation for all situations. Even if you accept this blatantly intellectual nonsense, why did Muslims rise to the top of the social hierarchy? Muslims have a history of oppressing and conquering other people. The American liberals don’t treat them like slaves, despite the fact that they are not marginalized at all.

It’s absurd and dangerous because it ignores the real problems to focus on fabricated ones. Islamophobia is largely a myth. Antisemitism exists in a very real way. Anyone who thinks they are on the same plane is either utterly incompetent or dishonest. In the case of Warren, I will go with the latter.