Woketard Emmys Collapse to All-Time Low of 5.9M Viewers

LOS ANGELES, CA - September 12, 2022 - Host Kenan Thompson performs onstage during the 74th Primetime Emmys at Microsoft Theater on September 12, 2022 in Los Angeles, California. (Myung J. Chun / Los Angeles Times)

Monday night’s 74th Primetime Emmy Awards dropped 19% to a low audience of only 5.9 million viewers

This figure is lower than the 6.4 Million in 2020.

Do you remember when entertainment media sycophants attributed the China Flu to an all-time low?

What will shameless lying liars do?

Be the idiots they are.

Who wouldn’t want to see the Emmys?

The Emmys don’t care about entertaining viewers.

These bitter, bigoted narcissists only want to show their virtues to one another.

They hate us back home.

Trump jokes, but no Biden jokes. Losers don’t even try.

Since its inception, Entertainment is full of self-regarding, self-important egos. Instead of entertaining, they insult, degrade and yell at the audience

You can read any legend from the past.

I cannot imagine a time in which entertainment would be at its lowest. Yet, you refuse to correct the ship.

Now you are down to 5.9million people, but you hate us so much that you won’t change.

15,000,000 viewers watched the Emmys less than ten years ago. Twenty million viewers tuned in only 20 years ago.

Your bigotry and toxic narcissism have brought you down shockingly to 5.9 million viewers This is because you are the Woke Gestapo.

Entertainment media will blame everyone but YOU. These are Deadline liars:

With Emmys aired on Mondays since 2018, there is a totally different digital landscape. There is declining award show attraction and NFL counter-programming. It was nearly impossible to imagine that the 2022 ceremony would reach any audience.

There’s no excuse. Always creating the cover. Always lying about their readers.

You said it was COVID!

You’re such a great dog.

Then, Deadline tries to blame the Emmys for their predictable winners. It was as if viewers at home knew who would win and decided not to see another repeat.

The City of Angels witnessed a lot less drama and more deja-vu, with HBO’s Succession and Euphoria’s Zendaya winning big Emmys. ABC’s Abbott Elementary also won some gold hardware.

The entertainment media hackers claim they will cover entertainment but in reality, they are hiding the entertainment industry.

Why are only 5.9 people tuning in? Hollywood is a hostile audience. Each year, more people discover.