Surely People Aren’t Forgetting 9/11

President Joe Biden repeated the tired refrains of years past on the anniversary of 9/11: “We won’t forget, we won’t give up.” “We will not allow another attack on America to happen. This is our promise.

Ironically, this irony was brought on by the president who gave Afghanistan over to the Taliban. These were the exact same people who attacked the Pentagon and World Trade Center. Biden was responsible for helping to revive al-Qaida within Afghanistan. The Washington Post reported that the U.S. had set a goal to make Afghanistan safe from al-Qaida after the September 11th attacks in 2001. It seems to be safe now that it is back.

It shouldn’t be surprising. Many of the lessons Americans learned from 9/11 have been forgotten.

The world is smaller than we thought, as we learned from 9/11. Recovering from the world is impossible and our enemies will profit from this. This is similar to the Clinton era when terrorists were a problem for law enforcement. The United States attempted to decrease its presence abroad.

On 9/11, we learned that any perceived weakness invites aggression from our enemies. Now, we are focusing on expanding and fiscally reckless welfare spending, decreasing military capability, and seeking radical ideologic dissolution.

On 9/11, we learned that there is more to us than we have in common. The President of the United States calls his fellow citizens threats and declares those who don’t deal with him a threat to democracy.

We realized after 9/11 that cultural and political change in foreign countries takes time, effort, and blood. We must also export cultural Leftism to our foreign policy.

The world can be chaotic, and it is terrible. This was what 9/11 taught us. 9/11 taught us that the world can be chaotic and terrible.

Otto von Bismarck (German Chancellor) once stated, “There’s a Providence that protects idiots drunkards kids and the United States of America.” America will have to again rely on Providence to prevent it from repeating its mistakes. Our leaders will not.