Another Bombshell Book of Nonsense About Trump

It’s the perfect time to read another book on Trump. Someone is looking to cash in on the anti-Trump fever and make some dough. It seems that we have been waiting for the book that will defeat Trump for a while.

Maggie Haberman (red flag #1), a CNN political analyst (Red Flag #2), is the latest anti-Trump book. Her upcoming book claims Trump has privately admitted that he lost 2020, while simultaneously claiming that it was stolen in open. He also claimed that he wanted to remain in the White House and not let Joe Biden take control.

Maggie Haberman was part of the famed New York Times team that won the Pulitzer Prize for National Reporting 2018 for their coverage of the collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia.

Are you concerned that Haberman may have a credibility issue? It’s clear that Trump is in trouble, but the question remains as to why the left continues to believe that these bombshell books will end Trump’s reign.

This is what we’ve seen before. Remember Omarosa’s Unhinged tell-all about her time at the Trump White House? It was meant to contain so much damaging information that it would be a disaster for Trump. The book’s most scandalous details were quickly discredited and proved to be just as reliable as Steele’s dossier.

There was Michael Wolff’s book Fire and Fury. This was because of the many damaging allegations in the book, including the claim that Trump liked to sleep with his friends’ wives and that he had an affair. Liberals went crazy and made the book a bestseller. It was a fictional book.

Some left-leaning people are shaming Haberman for withholding valuable information in order to preserve it for a book on “bombshells”. Perhaps they should consider the possibility that this bombshell was not reported previously.