Boston Marathon Will Host Nonbinary Runners, Who’ll Effectively Be Given Points if They’re Biological Males

There are many options for those who want to run the Boston Marathon next year.

This race was once only for men and women. Beantown is making great strides in 2023 for those who are neither men nor women.

This is the registration page for the event. There’s a section dedicated to “nonbinary athletes”.

The Boston Athletic Association (B.A.A.) is…working on expanding opportunities for nonbinary athletes at our events, including the upcoming 2023 Boston Marathon. While we do not currently have qualifying standards for nonbinary athletes, we are working on ways non-binary participants are accepted into the event.

Choose your details…or none!

If a nonbinary athlete has completed a marathon with nonbinary participants within the current qualifying window (September 1–2021 through September 16, 2022), they may be eligible for entry to the 2023 Boston Marathon. The athlete’s submitted time will determine their entry into the event. The Boston Marathon’s overall field limit will also determine the athlete’s entry into the event.

This race promotes inclusion at all B.A.A. This race promotes inclusion at all B.A.A. events.

There’s so much more.

We are in our first year and don’t have enough data to make nonbinary qualifying times. We hope this year will bring us together to learn and grow.

Age-based qualifying times for men and women are as follows:

  • 18-34: Men 3:00:00, Women 3:30:00
  • 35-39: Men 3:05:00, Women 3:35:00
  • 40-44: Men 3:10:00, Women 3:40:00
  • 45-49: Men 3:20:00, Women 3:50:00
  • 50-54: Men 3:25:00, Women 3:55:00
  • 55-59: Men 3:35:00, Women 4:05:00
  • 60-64: Men 3:50:00, Women 4:20:00
  • 65-69: Men 4:05:00, Women 4:35:00
  • 70-74: Men 4:20:00, Women 4:50:00
  • 75-79: Men 4:35:00, Women 5:05:00
  • 80+: Men 4:50:00, Women 5:20:00

The nonbinary qualifying time for women is the exact same as for men. The registration page may just say, “B.A.A.”

If your friend and you are both males, both over 45, and identify as men, but don’t state it, you both will get 3:49.00. He won’t.

Nonbinary weirdness is all the rage right now.

Fox News reports The Cradle of Liberty has been trying to catch up with Philadelphia.

Philadelphia Distance Run is the first major American race to feature a nonbinary section with equal prize money.

Nikki Hiltz, a long-distance runner, is an accomplished

Nikki Hiltz, a pro-miler and 1,500 runner who isn’t a woman, is Nikki Hiltz. Last year, she came out as transgender and nearly missed the U.S. Olympic team in Tokyo.

This is the future for marathons. Gender identity was not a concept that existed a long time ago. The only thing that people could do was observe their sex.

You are asked to choose a different type of identification. Select your gender avatar — man, woman, or something that is both historic and modern.