Will The Left Ever Stop Blaming and Smearing Us?

In every case, mainstream media joins hands with the Democratic Party to blame conservatives when there is a mass shooting.

Brenton Tarrant, a mentally ill man, shot and killed 50 people in Christchurch, New Zealand in 2019. He was an environmentalist and socialist who loathed capitalists. His attack was motivated by the desire to increase gun control in the country. He declared himself to be an eco-fascist and said that the People’s Republic of China was the nation with the most similar political and social values as mine.

He was called a “far-right extremist” by the media.

Patrick Crusius, a Texas native, killed 23 people at El Paso’s Walmart a few months later. Crusius declared to hold the same views as Tarrant and wrote in a manifesto, “Our lifestyle is destroying our country’s environment.” Future generations will be burdened by the destruction of the environment. Shamelessly overharvesting resources is a major factor in the destruction of our environment. This has been a problem for decades.

He was also called a “far-right extremist” by the media.

A deranged teenager attacked a Buffalo grocery store, shooting ten people to death. His manifesto states that he was a former communist and now claims he belongs to the “mildly moderate authoritarian left category.” He also stated that he could be called an ethno-nationalist ecofascist national socialist if he wanted.

After the shooting began, it became clear that Payton Gendron was a right-wing extremist who was inspired by conservative media and Tucker Carlson, in particular for allegedly advocating replacement theory. Although Carlson and other conservative media didn’t support replacement theory, the left claims that criticism of open borders is similar to promoting it.

Gendron also hates Fox News, according to the manifesto. The manifesto also doesn’t mention Tucker Carlson. It cites “the Internet” as the reason Gendron became radicalized and more specifically credits Brenton Harrison Tarrant for his inspiration.

Rolling Stone didn’t stop it from calling the shooter “a mainstream Republican” or Salon insisting that Tucker Carlson and other right-wing conspiracists are to blame for the shooting.

Anyone with enough resources could have found Gendron’s manifesto and discovered his motivations and how he was radicalized. The narrative was quickly spread via social media and established so quickly that many people believe it to be true.

The Poynter Institute suggested that Gendron was directly influenced by conservative media. They asked, “What role did right-wing media play in Buffalo shooting?”. The people who used the situation to attack Fox News, conservative media, and Fox News were wrong. But they don’t care. They will continue to smear us. They have an agenda and it is to silence conservatives.