Democrats Are Scrambling to Find an Alternative to Joe Biden in 2024

Joe Biden has fallen from grace since he entered the 2020 race for the presidency. His COVID effectively shut down campaigning in crucial months.

You can only hide the truth for so long. A new report from Democrats claims that they are looking for a replacement for the current, geriatric president before the 2024 race heats.

Another top Democrat said, “He was told he couldn’t do it in ’16. Everyone rolls their eyes when he ran in ’20. He still wins. “I am old.” Many of the plugged-in Democrats wandered Pinehurst, not fully persuaded, but calculating contingencies. What governor might step in to save the party from electoral ruin and the horrors of a Trump return?

It is confusing to me that Biden uses “if” in this context. Kamala Harris was actually the one who visited Europe prior to the Russian invasion. She failed to stop the crisis and reduce tensions.

Biden’s polling results: Which planet has an approval rating of -12.8%? His topline average is only 41.3 percent. He has not fallen. Can you imagine how domestic and international affairs could become worse than they already are? A nuclear war?

This framing is common for liberal publications like New York Magazine. They know what’s going on, even though they don’t want the Democrats-at-large to shout it loudly to make themselves feel better.

Despite the fact that Biden’s loyalists aren’t interested in entertaining anyone else, preparations are being made for his retirement.

Even his closest friends aren’t comforted by the assurances of his inner circle that his woes will pass and that there is no reason for concern. One example is insisting that Biden is too busy to campaign as his goal is to stop Russia’s invasion of Ukraine from turning into World War III.

The “Why not at least think about it?” approach to reasoning is very popular among the wealthy. This “Why not at most think about it?” approach to reasoning is popular with the wealthy.

This is a ridiculous idea. If Democrats want to succeed, they will need to find an alternative for Biden.

Kamala Harris is clearly the right choice. The article does not mention her popularity or the fact that Biden has effectively abandoned her. This makes matters even more complicated.

It’s not universally accepted outside of the White House. The Los Angeles Times reports that her net approval rating has dropped to 11. This causes a strange disconnect in the Democratic Party, with two factions fighting over each other.

Harris is close friends with Ron Klain who is Biden’s chief of staff and they often confer. Biden allowed their lunch meetings to slide from biweekly and weekly to only two times this year.

This is a complex problem that cannot be solved easily. Insiders at the party don’t think Harris can win the general election.

What is the future for Democrats? At the next presidential election, he will be 82. Kamala Harris’s alternate is not a good option. Any attempt to place Roy Cooper on top or make it more moderate will be a failure and further damage to the party.

These are the consequences of Biden being elected when he wasn’t ready to. Dems were pushed into a corner because Kamala Harris was an unimpressive vice president who didn’t even make it to the first primary in 2020. Now they have to lie in this bed.