White House Staff Has to Clean Up After Joe Biden’s Statement About Taiwan

Joe Biden continues a foreign tour and will be appearing on Sunday with the Prime Minister of Japan. It went as expected, with Biden being questioned about the US commitment toward Taiwan.

Russia’s invading Ukraine continues and seems to be gaining ground over the past week, making Taiwan and what will happen if China moves has become a major topic. When asked if the US would militarily intervene, the president replied “yes”.

Monday’s statement by President Joe Biden was a declaration that the U.S. would respond militarily to any Chinese invasion of Taiwan. He said the U.S. will also intervene militarily in the event of an invasion. This is a stark reminder of the responsibility to Taiwan’s security following the Russian invasion. This was the strongest presidential statement in support of self-government in decades.

Biden answered a question at a Tokyo news conference, “yes,” when asked if it was possible to help defend Taiwan militarily if China invades. He said, “That’s our commitment.”

Biden’s comment is not wrong. Long-held assumptions have been that the US would intervene militarily in the event of China trying to overthrow the island nation. This is despite the fact the US has a schizophrenic policy that supports an open “one China” policy and asserts Taiwan’s independence.

Biden’s handlers felt that it was necessary to quickly clean up the comment. Here’s what the White House unsigned statement said. It presumably came from Karine Jean-Pierre, his far-left press secretary.

This sentence is the main contradiction. Biden stated that he would be intervening militarily. Biden stated that he would intervene militarily, i.e.

However, the larger issue isn’t the policy contradictions, but the fact that Biden’s handlers have such power that they can constantly override the president. What’s the point in having a president if his word is meaningless? They have changed their position in Taiwan before.

Are we governed by a president or a shadowy group of far-left apparatchiks who are trying to protect China? We all know the answer, and that’s why Biden is not fit for office. A president who is incapable of fulfilling the duties of his elected office and his handlers are essentially running the show makes it unsafe for the nation. At that point, the White House becomes an extension of the bureaucracy. This is not how things should work.