Justice May Be Coming for the 51 Who Signed the Intel Letter Against Hunter Biden

The media did something very dangerous when they suppressed information about Hunter Biden’s laptop. This was something that was very crucial, but they did it because they knew that it would harm Joe Biden, the candidate they preferred.

Twitter wanted to stop the story so much that they suspended the Twitter account for the New York Post (the oldest U.S. daily newspaper continuously published) and blocked its URL of it, suspending anyone who shared it. The account of Kayleigh McEnany, White House Press Secretary, was even blocked. Andrew Kerr, Daily Caller’s account manager, was also locked after he tweeted evidence that the laptop wasn’t hacked. This was a shocking display of bias if you think about it.

You also received a letter from 51 ex-intelligence officials, including CIA Directors John Brennan and Leon Panetta; former acting CIA Director Michael Morell, and former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper. The letter stated that the laptop contained Russian disinformation. Of course, they didn’t have any evidence to back that assertion, but they did say so in the letter. They just wanted to share some of their biases and pretend that it was worth something.

They could have put in the minimum effort to verify the legitimacy of the laptop as former intelligence personnel. The NY Post was able this. They used their previous positions to influence people’s votes without providing any evidence. They didn’t care about this. They didn’t care about the reputation any of them might have.

Donald Trump won’t stop there. Donald Trump has hired attorney Tim Parlatore as his representative to investigate and take action regarding the intel letters. Parlatore sent five letters to 51 agencies, including the CIA and the NSA.

Parlatore claims they didn’t check with their agencies in order to complete that process. Parlatore stated that this would have ruined the document’s usefulness. It would have delayed the election.

They state that the letters were sent by Hunter Biden, the son of former candidate Joe Biden.

“This information raises serious concerns about the financial dealings and potential ties of a presidential candidate to our nation’s principal adversaries, China, and Russia. It threatens to undermine his candidacy”.

“To counter these revelations 51 former intelligence officers… published an intelligence assessment as a letter to be distributed to the American people via the news media. The letter claimed to have relied on the collective and established credibility of these intelligence officers, through their collective experience and knowledge of intelligence information including classified information. It concluded that the laptop was fake and had all the hallmarks of a Russian intelligence operation”.

“More than a year later, it has been confirmed that the laptop and its contents were authentic and that the judgment of these 51 ex-intelligence officials is false and baseless. The implications of this breach are still being felt. This purportedly credible intelligence assessment was used by media outlets to justify not reporting on the story. According to some polls, 17% of those who voted for President Biden wouldn’t have done so if they had known about the contents of the laptop”.

Parlatore encourages agencies to immediately take legal action to ensure that breaches of vital security provisions are not allowed to continue unchecked.

He is calling for their security clearances to be removed and for them to not be allowed to apply for intel jobs.

The second step for Parlatore is to file a letter with FEC asking that the intel letters be considered an “in-kind donation” to the Biden campaign.

His next step was to file legal action against 51 people, in an effort to expose any communication between them.

The NY Post reports that Joe Biden used the intel letter to support his claim that this was Russian disinformation. Even though he knew the information was accurate, he also knew that the story of Joe’s meeting with Hunter’s Ukrainian business associate was true. Biden relied on the intel letter to lie to the American people during the debate.

Bill Barr, then-AG, stated that he was “very perturbed” by Biden’s obvious lies. “When you talk about interference in an electoral process, I can’t imagine anything more than this kind of thing.”

It is good that this issue will be addressed. This affected the election and was used by Biden, as well as others, to attack the truth. Biden used it to deceive the public. Accountability is essential. After the Republicans have taken it back, more action should follow. This is what these people must do.