Will Retiring Gen. Mark Milley be on the Board of Raytheon or Boeing?

Biden’s handlers gave their puppet whatever drug concoction makes him awake in the morning, and then rolled out his rotting corpse to honor the outgoing scumbag Joint Chiefs of Staff Chair Gen. Mark Milley. They did this to honor his “public services” and his supposed devotion to something called “Democracy”.

“Mark, your partnership has been invaluable to me…” remarked Brandon. “When it comes to the Constitution, that is, and always has been, Mark’s north star.” “I’m so damn proud to serve with him.”

Lloyd Austin, Secretary of Defense, crowned the sycophancy by describing the bloated technologist as “a scholar, and a fighter” whereas Milley was praised for his “polished costume”.

Milley then took to the stage to praise himself for his service to the Swamp. “We’re unique amongst the world’s military. We’re not oath-bound to any country, tribe, king or queen, tyrant, dictator, or wannabe dictator. Instead, we swear an oath of allegiance to the Constitution, and to the ideal that is America, and we are willing to die in order to protect it.”

A brave and amazing man.

Milley is serving the corrupt corporate power structure of the state and himself.

According to any veteran, the appointment to the highest levels of the military is purely political. It has little to do with honor, merit, or other lofty traits of those who are in these ranks. Honor and decency, on the contrary, are obstacles to some appointments.

I’d say it will be a few months before Milley takes on his new position on the board at Raytheon or Boeing – maybe even less – so that he can capitalize on his “public service” and turn his influence in the Pentagon into hard cash.