CNN Has a Big Surprise for Biden After He Attempts to Tag the GOP for Gov’t Shutdown

Joe Biden, the Democrats, and their shutdown of government game is back.

The debt is rising and the deficits are continuing, but they want to continue spending. Joe Biden confuses the two concepts so much that I am not sure he knows the difference.

Joe Biden, 80 years old, is stuck in the past. In any battle over a shutdown of the government, the GOP was often blamed by the people.

Biden now claims that he is concerned about avoiding a shutdown of the government and that this would be bad.

Karine Jean-Pierre, White House Press Secretary, was questioned by the media on Friday about the issue.

KJP does not know the last time Biden or House Speaker Kevin McCarthy spoke. KJP claims that “it’s not an onus problem to be fixed.”

The deadline is Saturday. Where is Joe Biden? He took a nap at 2:42 p.m. EST. It is very difficult to “work” for four hours, attend one or two events a day, and then go on vacation every weekend.

Biden has no scheduled events for Saturday or Sunday. He’s not pretending to be occupied. He’s not bothered, no matter what he claims.

Harry Enten, CNN’s data expert, has a surprise in store for Biden. Enten explained that the majority of voters would blame Joe Biden, and the Democrats, for any government shutdown.

This is what I wrote in an article on the WaPo/ABC survey.

Enten continued to explain that this shutdown is different than previous ones. Joe Biden may also be stuck in his past, which is to his detriment. He might think that this shutdown will not have a negative impact on the Democrats, and fail to understand what Enten says.

He and the Democrats have not done a thing to reduce spending or compromise with Republicans. Biden is a man who believes in his own way.

It sounds as if Biden is playing a game here. He’ll get a good slap on the rear end.