Did Trump Send Nikki Haley A Bird Cage?

Many celebrities and politicians have taken up the Smollett-style hoax, particularly C-listers, who receive far less attention than they believe they deserve.

Smollett’s recipe for success includes being unfairly attacked by an evil bully, giving a few tearful interviews, gaining much-needed attention, and gaining sympathy for yourself.

Nikki Haley is taking notes despite the fact that she’s highly paid, and the war industry has endorsed her as the preferred candidate in the GOP primary. Haley also uses corporate state media for her victim-fest.

Trump referred to Haley as a birdbrain on his Truth Social Page a few weeks ago.

Nikki stated that she wouldn’t run against President Obama because of his great work. Nikki said that she would never run against the President because he had done a great job. I told her, “How nice of you to say that Nikki,” even though what she said meant nothing. Her family came to Mar-a-Lago “bringing gifts.” Birdbrain is not the right person for the job.

Haley claims that Trump’s trolling has increased. When USA Today handles your campaign PR, you know you are conservative.

Via USA Today:

Trump launched an attack on his opponents via the social media platform Truth Social. Haley was called a “birdbrain” and Chris Christie, the former New Jersey governor, was “sloppy”.

Trump continued to attack Haley in a post that said: “MAGA or I will not support Birdbrain Nikki Haley.” Haley responded with a screenshot, which she posted to X (formerly Twitter), a social media platform. She replied, “Love it.” This means we are in the second position and moving forward.

Haley shared a picture of a message from Trump’s camp on X Sunday. Haley discovered a bag containing bird food and a cage outside her hotel.

Assume for the sake of argument that Trump sent Haley a birdcage with an empty bird food bag and a sticker that said: “From Trump Campaign”. This is a questionable possibility that hasn’t been confirmed.

Who cares?

What’s the implication of this?

Does it really happen that a politician with a personal security system and a million-dollar salary is the victim of credible threats or is this not true?