Will Biden Sacrifice Troubled Son Hunter to Secure His Presidency?

Would Joe Biden, who has been under fire for his past actions, sacrifice his son to keep hold of the White House by 2024? My not-so-humble opinion is that he most certainly would. Why would “The Big Guy”, who has already sold his own soul to Satan, not throw crackhead Hunter in the trash?

Next question:

Does Joe’s reelection depend on whether he sacrifices his relationship with Hunter, which is likely to be worse for him? I doubt it. It’s always been more about Joe Biden than Hunter and the impact that it could have on his disgraced presidency.

In Biden’s situation, the most important question is what did the President do and when?

Biden consistently makes two contradictory claims about Hunter’s criminal business dealings. He insists Hunter has not done anything illegal. He claims that he has never spoken to Hunter about Hunter’s various business ventures. Both statements are false. Joe doesn’t know what Hunter did. How can he be sure that Hunter didn’t do anything wrong?

The evidence is mounting that he can’t.

Biden, based on the evidence provided, is now facing more scrutiny from the public for Hunter’s numerous improprieties.

Democrats, including the serially-lying California Democrat Rep. Adam Schiff and CNN, along with other media lapdogs, rushed to declare that the Hunter Biden Laptop Scandal was a Russian hoax, despite having no proof. Schiff, along with other Democrats, said nothing but nonsense. Schiff was well aware of this.

Brad Bannon is a Democratic strategist, president of Bannon Communications Research, and a Democratic strategist. He said that Joe Biden would be hurt by a “conviction” of Hunter Biden, but that it would not hurt him as much as if Trump was convicted, given that Trump will run in 2024, and Hunter won’t.

Even Jen Psaki, Biden’s ex-White House secretary, who now promotes her leftist wares at the Trump-hating MNSBC network, admitted to the network that if the Hunter Biden Investigation determines Joe Biden broke the law, the White House would be forced to finally answer serious questions.

They’ll need to speak out when the Hunter investigation is concluded.

Vivek Ramaswamy, a longshot Republican presidential candidate, who would be great in the second slot, behind Ron DeSantis, put the election of 2024 into proper perspective.

The 2024 elections should be a referendum against corruption.

Ramaswamy had a point about what “should” be, but will that be the case? No way. Why not?

On one hand, Democrat supporters hate Trump more than “love” Biden — to the point that they would vote for a chipmunk blind rather than let Trump win. The more investigations and accusations Trump faces, including the fact that a federal court found him liable for sexually abusing E. Jean Carroll and defaming her in civil court after he was found liable by a jury of his peers — the more his supporters become enraged.


According to a poll conducted in late April, a majority of likely voters do not want Trump to run for re-election. In fact, 70 percent said they did not want him to.

How much fun would it be, in the meantime, to watch Joe Biden throw his crackhead child under the bus? This is pay-per-view quality.

In either case, the 2024 presidential election promises to be unlike any other.