IRS Chief Responds To Allegations Of Whistleblower Retaliation

IRS Commissioner Daniel Werfel acknowledged last week that the Justice Department was responsible for any “work assignments” changes made to IRS whistleblowers.

At least two IRS whistleblowers – one of whom is a supervisory criminal special agent – claim that the Justice Department interfered with a high profile criminal investigation. The attorneys for the supervisory special agent were careful to not name the subject, but it’s believed that the Hunter Biden investigation is the one in question.

What did Werfel have to say?

Fox News reported that Werfel, in response to accusations of internal retaliation, sent a letter to the House Ways and Means Committee on May 17, denying these allegations.

He also said that the Justice Department was responsible for the actions taken against a whistleblower who spoke out last month.

Werfel, writing to Fox News, said: “I would like to state unambiguously that I will not interfere in any way to impact the status or any whistleblower.”

He explained that “the IRS whistleblower to whom you refer alleges the change in work assignment was at the Department of Justice’s direction.” “It is important that I emphasize, as a general issue and not in relation to any particular case, that the IRS will follow the Justice Department’s direction in any matter concerning federal judicial proceedings.”

The admission confirms what the lawyers of the supervisory agent revealed last week.

Mark Lytle, Tristan Leavitt and other attorneys told Congress that the entire investigation team in charge of the Hunter Biden case was removed.

Our client, the Criminal Supervisory Special agent of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), was informed today that he will be removed along with his entire investigation team from the sensitive and ongoing investigation into the controversial and high-profile subject on which our client wanted to provide whistleblower disclosures before Congress. The Department of Justice requested the change.
The lawyers described the development as “clearly revengeful.”

The supervisory IRS Agent is scheduled to testify Friday before the House Ways and Means Committee.