Hillary’s Comments on Biden’s Age Spark Speculation and Curiosity

It’s safe to say Joe Biden will have a difficult time in the general election regardless of who wins the Republican nomination. Robert F. Kennedy Jr., who polls around 20 percent, is already posing a serious challenge to him. Donald Trump has a 7-point lead over Biden, according to the Harvard Harris Poll, despite the Democrats’ demonization of him. Biden’s age and mental fitness are both a concern for a large majority of Americans. Many Democrats do not want him to run. Other Democrats will surely get some ideas from this.

Enter Hillary Clinton. I wonder if Hillary Clinton was aware of that last poll. You can see her repeating polls. Listening to her comments about Biden you can see that she is saying nice things while slapping him with faint praise. She also highlights the biggest question people have about Biden – his age. Hillary, unlike most Democrats, did not shy away from mentioning the age issue to undermine Biden.

Hillary was attending the Financial Times Weekend festival when she was asked if Biden was still alive. Edward Luce, the Financial Times’ editor, mentioned that Biden nearly fell down the steps in Japan.

Edward Luce, editor of the Financial Times, said: “There was a heart-stopping moment a few days ago when he nearly fell down the stairs. “He didn’t use a railing and Jill was not there with him.

You are always on edge when something happens because it could have a serious impact. “Is that something to worry about?” he said.

Note the “Jill was not there with him” — this implies that she is the handler. Over the weekend, I wrote about it. He could have suffered serious injuries if he had fallen. Jill led him during other periods of his stay in Japan.

Clinton later admitted that Biden’s age was a concern.

Clinton continued, “But his old age is a factor and people are entitled to take it into consideration.” “But, you’re right, he says a great thing – and he is absolutely correct – that we shouldn’t judge him because he ran against God, but rather against the alternative. I’m in the camp of those who think he is determined to run. He has a record that people could not have predicted three years ago.

Clinton continued, “He hasn’t gotten the credit for what’s happening in the country with jobs and growth as well as planning for the future through CHIPS and other things.” “I hope that he is able to stay focused on the election and be competitive because I believe he will win, and we all should hope for this.”

This comment made many people think, “Here we go again”. Is she going to throw Joe completely under the bus and try to get away? She hopes that he will “stay very focused and be able to compete”. She thinks something will happen that will make him incapable of competing, besides his obvious incompetence and lack of coherence which doesn’t stop him and which he or his people don’t have any shame for. If she was honest about his destruction of the country, it wouldn’t matter that he has.

She should have been ashamed and not shown her face to the public since the Durham Report was released, but she is just as shameless. She’s insane if she thinks in her craven and power-hungry head that she might have a chance.