Soros-Backed LA DA Gascon Has 10,000-Case Backlog, Sources Say

Multiple sources have told the New York Post that Soros-backed Los Angeles district attorney George Gascon is facing a 10,000-case backlog after his “toxic” management and ultra-woke policies caused the office to “hemorrhage staff”.

Gascon, who is 69 years old, has avoided two separate recall efforts since he took office in 2020. Despite public criticism, the leftist DA repeatedly defended its policies, claiming the previous “tough on crime approach” failed.

A former Los Angeles prosecutor said to the Post that Gascon’s radical, soft on crime policies allowed criminals avoiding jail time and walking away with generous plea bargains.

Gascon, according to a former deputy district prosecutor, has ruined the reputation of his office.

The former deputy DA said, “I’ve never seen victims’ families hate me in my career as a prosecution until I joined this office.” “We’re hated by the victims due to his policies of low sentences and lack of prosecution.”

The former deputy DA said, “Gascon is focused on justice for defendants who are black and brown but victims and their family members are also black or brown.” Where is justice for them?” “We are making them the victims of criminal justice yet again.”

Gascon has been accused of retaliation in 20 cases since he took office after his members criticised his radical policies.

Eric Siddall is the vice president of the LA County Association of Deputy District Attorneys. He claimed Gascon had “destroyed” the reputation of his office and accused him of “hostility to his employees.”

Siddall said that “he has an authoritarian style of management and engages in retaliatory actions against employees who do not share his ideologies.”

The Post was told by sources that Gascon has more than 200 vacancies in his office and a backlog 10,000 cases. A spokesperson for the DA’s office, however, denied this claim, stating that it only has 139 open jobs, citing “retirement and a prior hiring freeze.” The spokesperson declined to comment on the backlog.

A anonymous prosecutor told The Post: “You have mid career-level prosecutors who are tired of being treated as s**t.”

The prosecutor continued, “The problem is that people left because they were so tired of his policies. Those of us who remain are now carrying twice or three times as many cases.”

Steve Cooley, former Los Angeles County DA, reported that his office had never experienced a problem with recruitment during the period 2000-2012.

Cooley said, “I am stunned in the historical sense but I’m not shocked because some of the individuals he has brought in are just odious.” Who would want to work in such conditions?”