Why The Jury Won’t Even Look at Amber Heard?

“LawTube” is a great place. If you are unfamiliar with LawTube, it’s a bunch of lawyers with YouTube channels who follow and comment on televised trials. Many of them have seen their channels take off with the Johnny Depp v. Amber Heard defamation trial, which has the nation riveted.

Moreton practices law in Virginia, where the 50 million dollar defamation trial is happening. He decided to stand in line and won a place inside the courtroom. His comments on the jury are what everyone has been waiting for. Many of the viewers have commented that they want to see the reaction the jury is having, but the cameras keep them off-screen. Moreton got an up-close look and reported his findings to Rekieta Law.

“Gallery seems to be mostly pro-Johnny,” said Moreton. He reported that there are three males between the ages of twenty and thirty, two males in their thirties, a black woman in her forties, an Asian woman in her thirties, a Polynesian man in his forties, a caucasian female in her fifties, and a caucasian man in his sixties. Moreton reported that the Polynesian man seems over it. “He’s completely checked out and does not believe anything Amber is saying,” he said. “[He] just puts his hand over his face every time she starts talking.”
Moreton stated that the jury wasn’t reacting to her at any point. They don’t look at her. Moreton also spoke out about the extremes jurors will go to in order to avoid eye contact. One juror was seen pretending to write notes. Moreton stated that he would simply hold his pen and move it around, but not write anything. ”

“They aren’t buying the emotion. Moreton stated that they aren’t,” referring to Heard’s second breakdown on the stand. One was unable to make eye contact while the other was sleeping.

Moreton stated, “[Heard] has] become much more aggressive today”. “The jury isn’t responding to it,” Moreton stated that several jurors are seated back in their chairs.

Moreton also reported that Judge Penney Azcarate was clearly dissatisfied with Heard’s attorney Bredehoft. She continues to ignore her objections and continues asking the same questions in different ways that are still against the rules. Moreton said that Judge Penney Azcarate’s facial expressions make it difficult for the cameras to focus on her.

Moreton stated that Heard clearly wants to win over the jury in obvious ways.

“Amber Heard directs her testimony to the jurors she thinks are on her side. When the two ladies in the upper right are believing her story you will see her look up and directly at them. When they do not believe her story they look down and then she finds the young man in the middle in the bottom.”

Rekieta stated, “I can’t believe she can’t get out one cry after all these times,” referring specifically to Heard’s shocking lack of moisture despite making hysterical sobbing and heavy breathing.

Moreton stated that Depp has been prepared for “the most brutal interrogation you can imagine.”

Moreton said that she is not trying to score points with the jury on this matter. “She is trying to stir emotions, but none are reciprocating. “You aren’t getting any nods, movements, or other forms of recognition. ”

Rekieta stated, “That’s not a good outcome.” Do you think your bias could have contributed to this? ”

Moreton says that he and his colleagues are trying to be objective, and challenge each other’s prejudices. They all agree that jurors don’t like Heard.

Moreton stated, “I will tell you where the jury perked up.” “The testimony regarding the May 21st, 2016 incident was that in which the jury had placed their chairs facing Amber. That’s when Rocky [Pennington], as well as Io Tillet, were involved. It seemed almost like they were trying to find the cause of the incident.

On May 21, Depp’s penthouse was twice visited by police. The four officers who responded to the call said that Heard had not been hurt and that there had been no fight. None of the officers said Heard had been domestically abused.

At this point in the case, the defense’s strategy appears to be to tell the jury that everyone on Depp’s staff, his friends, the butler who worked for Disney, Heard’s own assistant, two medical professionals, and four LAPD officers are lying about everything and Heard is the only one telling the truth. I Heard’s cross-examination continues tomorrow and promises to be just as entertaining and equally bizarre.