General Michael Flynn Punches Back at His Government Tormentors

Retired General Michael Flynn, who was once a cup of tea as Trump’s National Security Advisor, has been appearing in the news a lot lately. There’s news that’s not about abortion these days.

We wrote last week about the fact the feds continue to harass the beleaguered Flynn.

Joe Biden’s Pentagon is now suing Flynn to repay the $40,000 honorarium he received for his speech. They claim it violates the Constitutional Emoluments Clause.

Does this sound familiar?

They claim that he should have been registered under the Foreign Agents Registration Act. Andy McCarthy, a former prosecutor, said that FARA prosecutions are rare. If it appears that the target person acted as an agent for a foreign country, the feds will usually allow them to correct their FARA registration.

Flynn did all the legwork to get to the dinner. It doesn’t sound like he is a “foreign agent”. Not even a little.

This is normal for Democrats who are in charge of the institutions. They use them as a razor-sharp scythe to attack their political opponents.

These politically weaponized feds are nice guys.

Flynn started fighting back against federal bullies in stealth earlier in the year. Athena wrote about it:

Retired Flynn filed the Form 95 Civil Claim quietly on February 24, 2015. Flynn’s claim is directed at the FBI, the DOJ, and the Executive Office of the President. Flynn claims “Compensatory damages” which include lost earnings/revenues, emotional distress, loss of opportunity to serve as President’s National Security Advisor, significant restraints on personal liberty, attorney fees/expenses, court costs, and defense against malicious prosecution, abuse, false arrest, etc. Activities of the FBI, DOJ, and the White House

Flynn describes the nightmare that he endured for four and a half years, from July 2016 through December 2020 in a seven-page addendum. Flynn states in an addendum that the FBI began looking at ways it could “hamper” Donald Trump in July 2016. Flynn also stated that FBI Dep. Andrew McCabe, Director of FBI Dep., had beef with Flynn dating back to 2014. It was rooted in both national and office politics.

With feeling, I’ll say it again: Trump’s biggest failure as president was not eliminating the Federal Bureau of Investigation. I don’t understand why Trump didn’t fire Christoper Waray as he was leaving the office on January 20, 2021.

Flynn was tragically collateral damage in the Obama/Clinton war against Trump. It is a shame they are not locked up for the things they have facilitated.

More From Athena:

Further, the addendum details the extraordinary coordination and maneuvering that took place at the highest levels of the U.S. federal government in order to end Flynn’s existence. It is a grueling Hollywood story of the most heartbreaking, devastating, and demoralizing government harassment and personal destruction.

Flynn claims that he owes $5 million in property damages and $45 million to his family for personal injuries. Flynn was forced to sell his house and take out his savings to defend himself during his malicious prosecution. Flynn also lost the years he could have earned a good income from his service, which was based on his long and honorable career. It’s difficult to quantify the stress and pain that the hateful partisans caused his political enemy to destroy him and his family.

These people are nothing but monsters. When I think about who I would like to see a return to power in 2024, my biggest hope is that Trump will go scorched-earth to fulfill his swamp-draining vows. That should not be a problem.

Athena makes some fascinating observations about why this story is not yet in print. You should read her conclusion.

Although Flynn cannot bankrupt the federal government, I’m not surprised. I wish he had sued them for more.

If Trump is elected again, I hope he offers Flynn his job. back as an FBI agent.

We can dream.