The Reason Eric Swalwell’s Four-Year-Old Son Hates You

My three-year-old grandson came up to me just now and asked: “Grandpa! Why is Eric Swalwell serious about resurrecting woke toddler memes so long after it has become a national joke?”

It was common for Leftists to claim their precocious children revealed the truth about Leftist policies with a simple, pointed question. These jokes became so ridiculous that they were mocked by the masses. It took Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-Fantasyland), to bring back the meme with a straight face. He tweeted on Monday: “My 4-year-old just FaceTimed me to ask me what I was doing to help the people of Buffalo.” It was absolutely heartbreaking. This is not normal. It is time to ban assault weapons. #EndGunViolence”

This is not normal. My five-year-old granddaughter took a long drag on her cigar and put aside her sign “Get Your Rosaries Off My Ovaries” and said to me, “Swalwell is full of shit”. His child doesn’t watch any news and, whenever we have our Critical Race Theory focus group at the nursery school meet, he stays in another room watching Mickey Mouse.

Although I was shocked, I knew how woke Disney is so I wondered if she meant it. After being ridiculed, Swalwell responded with a second tweet: “I love that no 4-year-old would ever ask this.” If you think that our children aren’t watching these horrors, you’re in complete denial.” Swalwell also included a screenshot from a text exchange where someone (presumably Swalwell) asked: “What’s he asking?” The answer: “He wants you to tell him if you’re going to help those who were killed at the supermarket massacre.” He is watching the news.

This photo included a photo of a toddler wearing a pink dress and a ribbon in her or his hair. Swalwell’s son asked him about the Buffalo shooting. The photo could be of his daughter. However, it seems that the tweet is of his news-watching son. Swalwell’s daughter or son is trans? Swalwell uses his children as billboards to promote all of the Left’s fantasies and delusions. This possibility is possible.

Swalwell clearly felt stung by all of the ridicule. Swalwell responded to one skeptical by sending another photo of the toddler with the note “Yeah, cause I have the time to make up stupid things my four-year-old says.”

Yes. Eric Swalwell is busy. He is busy saving interracial marriages. They want to ban interracial marriage. Would you like to save it? You should vote.

Swalwell is not a man who can do it all. He famously got involved with Fang Fang, a suspected Chinese spy who slept with at least two mayors in the Midwest as part of a pillow-talk intelligence-gathering campaign. A December 2020 Axios expose claims that Fang participated in fundraising activities for Swalwell’s 2014 re-election campaign. This is according to a Bay Area political agent and a U.S intelligence official. According to the political operative, Swalwell’s office knew about these activities. The same political operative who witnessed Fang fundraising for Swalwell did not find any evidence of illegal contributions.”

However, you will be astonished to learn that a Chinese intelligence operative is working so closely with you. Fang, Axios said, “helped to place at least one intern at Swalwell’s office, according to two people” and had multiple interactions with Swalwell over the course of many years.”

However, Swalwell retained his seat on House Intelligence Committee in March 2021 despite all this. He did so on a party-line of 218-200 votes. He was a far-Left Democrat, which is venomously hostile to Trump. If he were a conservative Republican, he would have resigned and returned to his district.

Being a Democrat also means you have brilliant children who support the woke line. Because the Left would like us to believe their authoritarian, insane, or simply stupid projects, and pet causes, are so axiomatically correct and right that even the youngest child can understand them. As boomers used to say, being a Democrat means that you don’t have to apologize. In today’s two-tiered justice system you can do pretty much anything if you have the right political views. Eric Swalwell says it means you can shout your opinion on national television, and the network will give you an explanation. It’s great to be a Leftist politician these days.