It’s Show Time for John Durham

John Durham, the Special counsel charged with identifying the source of the plot to frame Donald Trump as a Russian spy, traitor, and Republican presidential candidate, is the most high-profile case to date. It will be heard in a D.C. courtroom on Monday.

Durham’s case has all the worst elements of a media frenzy: Rachel Maddow’s fainting moments, fake headlines about Trump winning the election, and peanut-weight Pulitzer Prizes. It is a drama embodied by Michael Sussmann who was Hillary Clinton’s attorney. He was the man who represented the Democratic National Committee in the 2016 election cycle.

Sussmann is being tried by Durham for lying to them. He claimed that he wanted to share a juicy story about Donald Trump’s Russian spy past with his old friend, the FBI general counsel. Sussmann said that he was not coming for any of his Democrat clients. He was not! He was going to tell James Baker, FBI General Counsel, that he was there to share his goodness with him and for the good American people. Apple pie. Cherry trees. Grandma’s needlepoint. George Effing Washington. Semper Fi.

But Durham says Sussman lied. He believes Sussmann did it to elect Hillary. He knows Sussmann was doing this for Hillary. Why did his records show that he charged Hill dog for her time with the FBI general counsel if he wasn’t working for Hill dog? He sent Baker a text indicating that he was only working for America and not Hillary Clinton. This is a lie.

What is the deal with lying to an FBI officer?

Well, lying to a federal agent can be a Bozo No-No. It is against federal law and “in violation of Title 18, United States Code Section 1001”.

After being moved laterally from Connecticut U.S. attorney to special counsel by Trump Attorney general Bill Barr, Durham is now going to court with his first contested matter. His job as special counsel was to investigate the hoax that plagued Trump’s campaign during his first year in office.

All eyes are on Hillary, her comrades, and her lawyers, including Michael Sussmann (formerly of Perkins Coie), the white-shoe of all-white shoe political law firms, with the exception of the law firm representing Sussmann Latham Watkins.

Hillary’s campaign right-hand Robby Mook and Fusion GPS, ex-MI6 spook Christopher Steele, Marc Elias, and Sussmann stage-managed what is widely considered to be the most disastrous political hit job in history. The op against Donald Trump was worse than Donald Segretti’s frat boy “dirty tricks,” Grover Cleveland’s bastard, and any October Surprise created by the “Christic Institute”. This one would be the winner if they awarded dirty tricks awards.

The total war against Donald Trump was so maniacal that Democrats didn’t care about who or what got hurt. The corruption and destruction of public trust in the FBI, CIA, and media have been highlighted by Durham’s case. It is like a trailer park when an EF5 tornado strikes it. Listen carefully to the sound of a hubcap rolling against a rusty drum.

COVID-19 has slowed Durham’s case down as has every one of us. However, this is just the beginning of what could well be many cases by the man charged with uncovering the truth behind the gaslight operation that was intended to portray Trump as a collaborator with Russians. It turns out that Hillary Clinton was actually the one doing this.

Al Capone was a mobster, killer, and criminal. But the feds arrested him for tax fraud. Michael Sussmann distributed traitorous poison to Washington, D.C.’s politics in order to influence an election and frame a president for being a traitorous spy. He did it with his friends for a chardonnay-drenched wretch without a conscience.

Sussmann is facing a lie to the feds charge. He says he didn’t do it.

We will see if anyone believes him after his trial.

It’s showtime John Durham, it’s up to you and the facts.