Why Does the IRS Need 5 Million Rounds of Ammo?

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R.Fla.), has introduced a bill that would prevent the Internal Revenue Service from buying ammunition. Marjorie Taylor Greene, Jeff Duncan, and Paul Gosar are also on board.

Is the IRS buying bullets? Yes. They have approximately 5 million rounds of ammo. What’s the point?

Gaetz’s “Disarming the IRS” bill would stop tax collectors from building their arsenal. According to a Government Accountability Office report, this includes, but is not limited to:

  • 2,148 officers in law enforcement
  • 4,461 weapons, 15 fully automated weapons (for lefties, that’s the machine gun).
  • More than 5 million rounds of ammunition.

Openthebooks.com reports that there are currently approximately 200,000 federal officers who have “arrest or firearm authority.” However, only 182,000 Marines are in the database.

Adam Andrzejewski, CEO of Openthebooks.com, told The Center Square that bureaucrats have been accumulating firepower since they seized legal power. It is time to reduce the federal arsenal. Who are the federal agencies that are preparing for battle?

It’s a great question and I believe we have the answer. It’s you, spoiler alert.

Biden is looking to hire more than 80,000 IRS “agents.” If they are hiring 80,000 to look after the nation’s 735 billionaires, that’s roughly 108 agents per billionaire. Something tells me that’s not the case.

Why would we think the IRS will be weaponized against conservatives? History. Let’s not forget how the IRS was caught red-handed going after conservatives during the Obama years.

Although no one was ever charged with the misconduct, Trump’s Attorney General Jeff Sessions did apologize for the anticonservative mishap.

Fool us once, shame on you.

Gaetz joined Jesse Watters, Fox News’ June reporter, to discuss the recent purchase by the IRS of $725 million in ammo.