Would-Be Kavanaugh Assassin Has a Secret That the Lefty Media Won’t Touch

The left doesn’t like a crime that isn’t in line with their narrative.

Nicholas Roske was 26 years old when he attempted to kill Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh to save Roe Vs Wade.

Roske was found carrying a gun, a knife, zip ties, burglary tools, and pepper spray.

Roske information discovered by investigators recently has not been published in mainstream media.

Roske posted under the Reddit username “AmericanNick,” but also went by the name “Sofie 42.” He sought women to hang out with, saying that if they “made out that’s cool. If not, that’s cool too.”

The FBI discovered a conversation where Roske, who identified as “Sophie 42,” said he was planning to kill three justices.

Online sleuths learned that he had posted an ad on Reddit using the AmericanNick moniker, which the FBI identified as one of Roske’s online aliases. Roske claimed to be an “MtF” (male-to-female) trans person looking for female companions to cuddle and play video games with him.

Roske posted a personal ad in the r/GamerPals forums with the subject “F4F [female-to-female] 25 PST Trans Gamer girl Looking for Friend.” Roske stated that he prefers women to men, explaining that “there are very few people with whom I feel comfortable even platonically.” This is what Roske specified.

Roske’s alleged identity as a transgender person is not being covered in mainstream media. Even though the violence is against children or sexual,

Randy Stair, a transgender male, blocked the entrances of the Weis supermarket. He killed his three coworkers and then killed himself.

I hate men.

Remember the far-left media trying to paint the Highland Park mass shooter, despite Antifa tuts, as a conservative.

Pravda-like media will not ignore stories that do not support their narrative. We will continue to tell the truth.