Joe Biden Keeps Testing Positive for COVID, Thinks He’s the Vice President

Joe Biden is now on the sixth day of what’s known as a “rebound” COVID-19 infection. He continues to test positive. Although the White House announced the news on Thursday morning, details about Biden’s actual condition remain scarce. Biden’s doctor was placed under lockdown and is not allowed to speak to the media.

On July 21, the president tested positive for COVID-19. He tested negative for COVID-19 a week later and then rushed to make a public appearance, boasting about his physical resilience in comparison to former President Donald Trump. To be honest, that was premature. Biden now has his 15th day to deal with the virus after his rebound infection, which logically means he was never really negative.

Tucker Carlson pointed out that there was a “pandemic” of unvaccinated people.

Biden has been quadruple-vaxxed and is double-masked. After becoming infected, Biden also received a dose of Paxlovid from Pfizer. He is still positive for COVID-19 after he tested positive two weeks ago. This is not meant to be a rebuke of the White House’s message on the coronavirus. Carlson exposes all the lies about COVID in vaccinated people.

It wasn’t a “pandemic” of unvaccinated, as I pointed out in December 2021. Biden maintained that the unvaccinated were somehow to blame for the nation’s problems. It was one of the most divisive, disturbing attacks I’ve ever witnessed from a president. It’s not surprising that Biden has apparently become one big ball of COVID.

On Thursday, the president made a remote appearance. He got lost while speaking with group business leaders.

Evidently, the President of America is not aware of which office he holds. Maybe that is another sign of “long COVID?” All other symptoms are already present. This isn’t the first instance Biden has misunderstood who he is. However, it is not unusual for Biden to be confused about his identity. You’ll see that it’s just a stutter!

However, it’s not completely normal.

Biden will be fully recovered, which is what I hope. It is not my nature to wish harm on political enemies, regardless of how hurtful or disagreeable I may be. However, it is important not to be misled into believing that Biden’s COVID-19 experience of over 15 days (I assume he will be positive again tomorrow considering how he looked at that video) does not matter. This is a huge deal and a sign of how fragile the president is. It is laughable that he would run for re-election.