Who Is The Real President?

The Right has always joked that President Joe Biden is too old, too weak-minded to run the show. Usually, those jokes get a lot of backlash from the Left. NBC News has just reported that it was not a joke.

Worse, the truth can be a little more terrifying than the joke might suggest.

NBC News’ detailed report paints a picture that the President has little or no control over his office, and a staff determined to make sure the President’s agenda is the focus of the staff.

My colleague pointed out earlier this morning that a portion of the news story seems to be focused on absolving Biden from the mistakes of his administration. It could be that there is something more sinister at work. Biden is not at fault. However, Biden has outsourced most of his work to people from the far left.

Biden is not only unhappy about policy but also the pattern that has been established in the West Wing. Biden makes a concise and clear statement, only for his aides to rush to clarify that he meant something different. He has said that the so-called clean-up campaign undermined him and dampened his authenticity, which fueled his rise. It’s worse, it feeds the Republican talk point that he isn’t fully in control.

Biden made a sarcastic comment about Russian President Vladimir Putin during a speech in Poland. His aides quickly tried to back him up, claiming that he had not called for Putin’s resignation and that the U.S.’s policy was unchanged. Biden was furious at his comments being viewed as unreliable and argued that he speaks honestly, reminding his staff that they are the ones who are president.

When asked about the practice by the staff of clarifying Biden’s comments, the official replied: “We don’t say anything the president doesn’t want us saying.”

Many of the stories are both funny and frightening. Joe Biden, for example, was both shocked by the drop in polling but also fully aware of what was going on.

Biden, who was meeting with advisers a month ago, was shocked to see polling showing he had lost among suburban women. Two people familiar with the meeting said that Biden did not expect this. According to an adviser, Biden is given weekly polling briefings which delve into “key demographics”. He doesn’t react because he is kept informed regularly. Biden stated flatly at a September news conference, “I don’t look at polls — that’s not a joke.”

A White House official denied that Biden feels frustrated. This person stated that Biden is trying to present a stronger case for everything we have achieved so far.

We are glad that it was resolved.

But who is the president? Biden has been kept under tight control. Biden doesn’t talk to the media often, he is rarely allowed to speak out freely and his White House quickly corrects him when he does. This story is not a positive portrayal of a man who has made many mistakes throughout his term.

Ron Klain is he on his way out of the office? The article speculates that Klain has been a weak Chief Of Staff. Klain should have been gone months ago if his briefings weren’t up-to-date on various crises, such as the shortage of baby formula, and if the White House was as chaotic as this article suggests.

If Biden doesn’t have control over his administration and his Chief of Staff can’t keep things together, who will be in charge?

It turns out that Politico may have been able to give us the answer in March.

Warren has a growing network of people in the top echelons of government, including proteges who assisted her with the aggressive supervision of large banks and other corporations. She also has friends who share her concerns about the dangers looming on Wall Street. It also covers key posts at the Department of Education and the National Security Council.

The Warren recruits are a victory for progressive movements, which have supported her decades-long “personnel IS policy” campaign to reduce the influence of corporate insiders on setting policy for Democrats. Warren’s supporters say that they are pleasantly surprised by the results of their fight. This is a result of a renewed emphasis on inequality and challenging corporate control. Industry lobbyists warn that banks, private equity firms, and consumer lenders need to pay attention.

Biden’s administration has effectively contracted out its staffing to Elizabeth Warren and other far-left politicians. This administration is pushing a lot of the policies Elizabeth Warren and her gang love.

President Elizabeth Warren?

Biden was forced to make concessions in order to prevent a civil war within his party. His team has allowed Warren staffers to take key roles in the administration. This is not Warren alone, but it’s the only group of far-left acolytes that we know from reports.

This means Elizabeth Warren has more influence in this administration than its leader. He is weak and feeble-minded, incapable of commanding respect from his staff, and Elizabeth Warren does not have that ability. The staff seems to be loyal to someone else or, at the very least, to another ideology.

While Elizabeth Warren didn’t win the 2020 nomination, she has still managed to get herself into a position within the White House that is powerful and she cannot be fired.

Biden, however, is still looking at polls during briefings, trying to figure out where it all goes wrong. He fails to realize that he invited this disaster into the home of his family.