A Video of Uvalde Mass Shooter Raises Every Red Flag Imaginable

Some people claim that the gun used does not matter.

This is apparent after an undiscovered video showed Salvador Ramos holding a bag of dead cats.

This report comes from the New York Post.

A new disturbing video from The Post shows Salvador Ramos (a mentally ill Robb Elementary School shooter) holding a bag of bloody dead cat carcasses.

An 18-year-old deranged gunman smiles as he sits in a friend’s car. He holds a clear plastic bag with at least two bloodied cats in it.

I will only be posting a photo and not the video. Many serial killers started their murder sprees with domestic animals.

The shooter was only 18 at the time. This means that the video was probably shot in his youth. This is not untrue, according to the Post.

Ramos was also involved in domestic violence cases that he posted online. Ramos reportedly also started fights and shot people with a gun BB. According to reports, his mother was a victim of drug addiction.

How many red flags do authorities need to raise to take action?

It is absurd to talk about banning 9mm ammunition instead of issues that could have prevented this massacre. We can afford magnetic doors if we give them hundreds and millions of dollars that have not been invested in COVID.

It is crucial to have a serious conversation about his inaction toward mentally ill people. He would not have gone on a rampage if the authorities hadn’t taken the time to look into his situation and made the necessary arrests.