Biden’s Great Frustration

Jimmy Carter’s presidency was overshadowed in Iran by hostage crises, and domestically by “The Great Malaise”. Due to the energy crisis, Americans had to wait in long lines at gas stations. Skylab, the space station that we built was in danger of colliding with Earth. Carter was only 25% popular. Carter spent 10 Days at Camp David meeting with an American cross-section. Carter famously said that America was in a crisis of confidence. People believed Carter was running the government and not leading it. They also believed the government was ineffective.

There are many similarities between the Biden administration’s current one and the previous one. He failed to withdraw Vietnam from war and is now in a crisis over his leadership ability during difficult times.

This is the end of the parallels. Carter tried to identify the moral roots of America’s divisions through Carter. However, President Biden refused to take responsibility and instead encouraged protests against the Supreme Court justices’ homes. Even though it is illegal to attempt to influence federal judges’ decisions, every day we are bombarded by his absurdities and blunders, which the media seems to be willing to ignore.

Biden said he would develop a strategy for dealing with COVID. Biden further divided the nation by pursuing families and calling them domestic terrorists because they refused to follow CRT.

Ironically Joe Biden ran on the platform of unity. While his crackerjack team works on new catchphrases like UltraMAGA, the nation is angered at his ineptness.

Many people are curious about who runs the government. It was because government regulators shut down a plant for safety violations. They were then stunned when the shelves disappeared.

Many people expected this from the Biden administration.

We are not facing Carter’s Great Malaise. Instead, we must deal with Joe Biden’s Great Frustration.

After a long career as a public servant, Mr. Creepy Wisperer is now a shaman. Joe Biden was not only an expert at this school.

True leadership is what is needed. This stench is not going away any time soon.