We Are Not Clowning Around, AP Claims Canada’s Wildfire Smoke Is Racist

No matter how absurd their claims are, nothing helps a leftist communist sleep better than climbing on their moral gelding to point out alleged “racism.”

The Associated Press (AP) has spectacularly beclowned itself in a brief video — lasting only 1:35, a record for such stupidity — by suggesting the smoke blowing over from Canadian wildfires is racist.

Even babies are racist, according to the jackpuddings of Time Magazine.

The video begins with Hispanic skateboarding in Detroit, my hometown. Then, the words “Haze shrouds a broad swath in the U.S. Quentin Hernandez spent an hour skateboarding on Detroit’s streets Wednesday… Conditions were not ideal… Smoky smoke from Canada’s fires covered the Motor City …”

No racism yet, unless you consider that Detrot’s population is 77.9% black and only 7.8% Hispanic, yet AP decided to get footage of one of the city’s few Hispanic kids instead of a black youngster.

Quentin says, “It seems like it’s going to rain, but a storm is coming.” But it’s just like that all day. “Smoke just sits there.

I don’t know what it means or how that relates to racism smoke, but I wouldn’t like to leave out anything.

There are more words. This will prove racism. At 0:33, I have yet to see Canadian smoke dressed up as a herd of Klansman.

The next block is:

Air pollution exacerbated the health risks of people who already suffer from it.

I sense some racism coming…

Detroit B-roll footage featuring cars and trucks.

The impact is particularly severe on minority and poor communities, which are more likely than others to live close to polluting plants.

Oh, really?

Sterling Heights, Mich. a suburb of Detroit where my parents moved after leaving Hockeytown has an abundance of factories. Many of them were only three miles away from their home. My parents were white. I can prove it with photos and DNA. Sterling Heights has a white population of 82.2%.

Detroit has lost auto factories and thousands of jobs over the past few decades. 61 plants have closed in the last 30 years. In 2021, Jeep opened its first factory in 30 years.

The video cuts to an elementary school and a nearby factory, both located in Dearborn, a suburb with 86.7% of white residents.

The video finally cuts to a man of color.

Detroit, a largely black city with an estimated 30% poverty rate, had the worst air pollution in the U.S.

The black man says, “Many people face this problem way too frequently, right?” This wildfire smoke is making many people feel burdened. It is a heavy burden that communities have had to bear for far too long.

This tragic script is beginning to make me think that Kamala Harris wrote it.

The video cuts to the U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis with:

Smoke filled the air in St. Louis, Louisville, Kentucky, and Minneapolis, where Hadley Steffen had to cut short her race.

Hadley, a woman of white skin, says, “Yeah. Today just feels muggier.” “I tried to run, I jogged for about a mile-and-a-half and I could feel my breathing was a bit different.” “So that’s why I decided to walk the rest of the way.”

While Hadley is speaking, a man of color — who breathes the same air that’s alleged to be racist — walks behind Hadley. The white woman, rife in privilege, can’t seem to see the hateful smoke that she shares with her black counterpart.

The video ends in Detroit, where Quentin continues to skateboard on an overcast day with sad music.


Smoke is not racist, despite what the bahookie heads of AP would like to believe. The majority of Detroit’s factories are now closed. Many factories are located in nearby white suburbs.

Since I was a child, who inhaled auto factory fumes as well as a dose of Canadian wildfire smoke every year while growing up, at least 61 factories closed. I did not complain or blame racism. I proudly huffed non-bigoted smoke from Canadian wildfires and pollution in a diverse neighborhood.

Check out the moonbat below to see just how eager lefties are to find racism.