Anger Boils Over in France as Protesters Demand Justice for 17-Year-Old Shot by Police

A decorated French police officer shot and killed a 17-year-old French-Algerian, Nahel M., who raced away from a traffic stop while reportedly endangering the life of a pedestrian and a cyclist.

The incident was captured on video surveillance.

As you can imagine, there were massive protests that were “mostly peaceful”.

The French President, Emanuel Macron called the shootings “inexcusable”. Then he went to Elton John’s farewell concert and all hell broke loose.

Who is this angelic being who was brutally killed by the French police?


According to Europe 1 News Nahel M. had 15 criminal records and was implicated 5 times for refusing to obey the police officers. All of this happened in less than a year.

He was also arrested in 2020 for “concealment” and disorderly conduct toward police. He was charged with driving without insurance, having false license plates, and concealment.

In January and March 2023, police arrested him for the consumption and sale of narcotics.

It’s not an Algerian hitman. On the other hand, when a cop runs from the police, almost killing innocent bystanders he must decide whether or not to protect law-abiding citizens.

He wasn’t a nervous rookie. he was a highly decorated and experienced police officer.

Le Figaro:

Since September 2022, this father who started his career in the national police 10 years ago has been assigned as a motorcyclist for the Hauts de Seine territory traffic company and road security. This former soldier received many distinctions during his career. We have information that he has received eight letters of congratulations and a medal in internal security.

Didier Lallement awarded him two bronze medals for his courage and dedication in the 2020 yellow vest protests.

More than 150 arrests have been made and dozens of vehicles set on fire. Many buildings, including the town hall, were also burned.

The story is much more complicated than it seems — on both sides.

The local:

The cause of his death remains a mystery.

The relationship of suburban youth with police is appalling. It hasn’t improved since 2005. Often, in France, the officers who have the least experience are those who end up policing the areas which are most challenging. That hasn’t altered.

In Paris alone, the French government has sent 5,000 police officers. However, it is still unclear if the French government’s actions will be enough to deter rioters.