New Zealand’s Racial Equity Healthcare Policy Sparks Outrage

The Kiwi government has implemented a new trendy social engineering project called Equity, which consists in denying healthcare to Whites due to White Supremacy, or other reasons.

The New Zealand Herald:

Auckland surgeons must now consider the ethnicity of a patient along with other factors in deciding which patients should receive an operation first.

Many surgeons are unhappy with the policy that was implemented in Auckland, New Zealand in February. It gave priority to Maoris and Pacific Islanders due to their historically unequal access to health care.

Health officials emphasize that ethnicity is only one of five factors that are considered when deciding whether a person should have surgery. This is an important step to improve the health outcomes for Maoris and Pacific peoples.

Te Whatu Ora-Health New Zealand introduced an Equity Score to help reduce inequity by prioritizing patients based on clinical priority, wait time, geographical location (isolated regions), ethnicity, and deprivation.

Maoris and Pasifikas are at the top of the ethnicity list. Other ethnicities like Indians and Chinese are ranked lower.

This is nonsense. It is also nonsense that applies to “affirmative actions” in the U.S. and other social engineering projects. Rationing medical care on the basis of race will only exacerbate and breed racial tensions.

This is also a powerful rebuke to state-run health care. If individuals were left to their own devices and medical providers allowed to practice how they choose, none of these things would be enforced. The system would naturally work.

All boats rise with the tide. To empower Maoris and give them access to the healthcare they require, it is best to boost their economic standing. Economically empowered citizens, regardless of race, are a threat to the state’s hegemony because they take away its main leverage points.

The CCP can impose any restrictions it wants on the Chinese techno-slaves. They are the model proletariat for the globalist technocrats.

In an alternate reality where the Western governments were not run as they are today by despotic, power-hungry bureaucrats and power-hungry bureaucrats it might be a good idea to have a publicly managed healthcare system in order to provide as much quality care as you can. We don’t exist in this world.