Elizabeth Warren’s Affirmative Action Stance Under Fire

After Thursday’s Supreme Court ruling that effectively banned affirmative action in college admissions radical leftists came out of hiding screaming that the sky was falling. They bizarrely implied that minority students couldn’t get into colleges on merit.

One such critic was Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.), who blasted the court as extremist.

Warren tweeted: “An extreme Supreme Court has once more reversed decades-old settled law, rolled the march towards racial equality back, and narrowed education opportunities for all.” “I will not stop fighting to ensure that young people with big aspirations have an equal opportunity to pursue their dreams.”

Elizabeth Warren’s criticism of the end of affirmative action is rich. Warren knows first-hand how affirmative action policies help minorities get an edge in hiring and admissions. Warren has been claiming Native American heritage for decades. This is beyond debate. Warren’s claim of Native American heritage is not based on direct evidence, but rather on “family legend”. She still made it a point to identify as Native American.

Why would she do this if the country is so racist? She did it to take advantage of affirmative action policies. She was awarded a scholarship to attend George Washington University for debate, but she ultimately landed a position at Harvard Law School. Her self-identification as a minority played a part in this.

Warren denies that she abused affirmative action policies in order to advance her professional career. However, the evidence is damning. Harvard Law School used her as a model of a woman minority professor. Harvard Law School cited her as a minority woman professor. She identified herself as Native American in the Association of American Law Schools Teachers Directory.

Warren was criticized by Republicans for using her minority status to further her career. It wasn’t till 2018 that she released the results of her DNA test. It was meant to end the criticisms she had received for using fake minority status to advance her career, but it has backfired spectacularly. According to Carlos D. Bustamante of Stanford University, an expert who examined her DNA results, the “vast majority” of Warren’s ancestry was European. She may have had Native American ancestors “in the range between 6-10 generations ago.” Bustamante estimated that Warren could be as little as 1/64th to 1/1024th Native American.

No matter if you’re in favor of affirmative actions or against them, it is clear that Warren, as a white woman has abused affirmative policies to further her career. That’s who she is. Her biography is heavily based on lies. In the 2020 Democratic Primaries, Warren was caught lying for her repeated claims that she had been fired from her teaching job due to her pregnancy, for misrepresenting the occupation of her father, and for her inability to afford college.

Warren was well aware that she couldn’t get into Harvard Law School by being a white woman alone. This tells you all you need to about affirmative action and why they had to be eliminated.