UFC Fight Between Musk And Mark Zuckerberg Gets Canceled By Elon’s Mom But Is Now Back On?!

All began innocently with a Twitter challenge.

Musk tweeted on June 20 after an article published about Meta’s plans for a Twitter competitor called “Threads”. “I’m certain Earth can’t be waiting to exclusively be under Zuck’s thumb without any other options.”

Elon responded to another Twitter user who said that Musk should take care because Zuckerberg practices jiu-jitsu.
“I would be up for a cage fight if he was lol.”

This joke quickly turned into a serious matter.

Maye Musk, Elon’s mother, was so concerned that she got involved. And apparently his father too.

Elon’s family is concerned not only about his physical safety, but also what this fight means for him.

Hilary Kennedy reports that Elon’s father reported that this fight would be “a lose-lose” for Elon, because if Elon won, he’d look like a bully…and it’d be a total humiliation if he lost.

Elon is less concerned about it. Elon is confident in his ability to hold his own, having experience in taekwondo and jiu-jitsu.

Maye Musk’s words, however, made it seem to everyone that the fight had been called off despite Elon’s confidence.

Musk responded to St-Pierre’s tweet on June 27. He said: “I am a big fan of you, and it would an honor to be your training partner in the challenge against Zuckerberg.”

Musk replied with the laconic “Okay, lets do it.”

Pat Gray said, “I will pay for it if they fight and the event is on pay-per view.”

UFC President Dana White hopes that this fight comes to fruition as it is predicted to generate a billion dollar profit.

Will the two tech titans square off in an octagon match?