Was an Anti-Trafficking Protest in L.A. Legit or Political Theater?

On Sunday, a group marched through Los Angeles’ farmer’s market to protest human trafficking. This apparently was in reference to Second Amendment debates. Andy Go’s tweet about the incident was featured in The Post Millennial.

Mark Perez organized this march. Kalen Da’Almeida, a Frontlines reporter, told the Millennial that anyone who opposes this rally and its cause is enemies of God, America, and most importantly all children in this country.

This is true but raises questions about the motivation of the marchers. Author Anna North wrote:

The QAnon Movement, a network of conspiracy theories involving a pretended conflict between President Trump’s shadowy coalition of powerful liberals sometimes called the “deep state”, began its existence on message boards back in 2017. In the past year, the network promoted #SaveTheChildren to increase reach and spread fear about Democrats and Trump support.

The Huffington Post published an article about a similar demonstration in Los Angeles, in August 2020. This podcast was primarily based on Ballard’s connections with Utah Attorney General Sean Reyes and Glenn Beck, and his support of Donald Trump. He stated that the problem is primarily caused by abuse by family members.

I do not have enough information to comment on Ballard’s operation or his family. It is true that many children are abused and abused by their families, but this does NOT excuse human trafficking in the United States.

It’s arrogant to make this issue into an opportunity to vent your anger at Donald Trump.

People who are dedicated to ending human trafficking are people I know. It should include teaching people how they can identify signs of human trafficking and who to call if they suspect they may have a problem.

These groups need your help. It is expensive to find victims and work with authorities at home and abroad to bring perpetrators of violence to justice.

Human trafficking should be treated with compassion, sobriety, and humble servanthood.