Canceled Mumford & Sons Banjo Player Lets Bill Maher Know How He Responded To Outrage Mob

Winston Marshall, a former musician and lead guitarist of Mumford & Sons made it clear that he had retracted his apology when he was forced to cancel culture two year ago.

What’s the background?

Marshall was embroiled in controversy when he praised Andy Ngo’s book on Antifa, a violent extremist group, in March 2021.

Marshall had congratulated Ngo on his “important book” and outraged progressives called Marshall a Nazi and “godd **** fascist”. Moreover, Mumford & Sons fans threatened to stop listening to their music unless Marshall was removed from the band.

Marshall responded to the controversy with an apology for his endorsement of the book and for the “pain caused” by it.

He said that he was taking time off from the band as a result of his actions to look into his blindspots. “For now, please understand that my endorsements could be seen as approvals for hateful, divisive behaviour.”

What’s the story?

Bill Maher, HBO host, resurrected Marshall’s cancelling in a monologue Friday in which he decried the “woke revolution” and its colonization the progressive left.

He invoked Marshall’s cancellation — and his “cringing apologies”

“Pain? A book? Unless he hits the drummer with it. What happened to the expression, “I can read any f*** I want?” Before mocking Marshall, Maher said, “Don’t worry, I’m a musician.” It will not happen again.”

Marshall replied to Maher on Saturday by pointing out that he had, in fact, retract his apology.

Marshall posted on Twitter, “For the record @billmaher I retracted my apology and quit the group,”

Last year, Marshall admitted to Glenn Beck that he regretted ever apologizing.